10p from tescos

After trying to sort scotts laptop out for him last night, we decided to pay a visit to tesco to get some random bits of food to eat.

Now i cant say im a regular at the “reduced” isles, but i do often check to see if there is anything cool that might save me a few pennies (pennies make pounds)

We walked about, and i spotted a chocolate milkshake (my favorite) reduced to 59p from 99p. Bargain! Then i started noticing the goldmine that lay before us!

We got two chicken wraps for 10p! A pot of egg mayonaise for 10p! A chocolate muffin mousse thing.. for 10p! It was like we had won the lottery!

I am gonna make it a routine to visit tesco at that time of the day so that i can pick up all the bargains 🙂

It was quite funny, as i was certain we were caught up in some kind of bargain war with this other guy who seemed to follow us round the shop looking at the things we had looked at. I beat him to the bargains though! Muhaha!

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I once remember going to ASDA with my mum on a random day off and there was shit loads of reduced meat… steaks and mince that sort of thing.. people were going mental… scary!!

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