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Another day on the road

Towards the back end of last year i had a day where i was out and about trying to find wireless internet to use, as gemma was in a training course all day in warwick. It was a lot of fun to be honest, using the internet on my phone to find wireless network hotspots and then using my google maps on my phone to find the location, then sitting outside leaching their bandwidth.

I tried McDonalds in warwick, as all McD’s give out free internet – but i could get it to work for some reason. Today im in sheffield, and gem is on another course for this morning. I came to McDonalds for some breakfast and brought my laptop in just in case i could get it to work this time..


Free wireless! And i have all the food in the world about 2 seconds from where im sitting.. Mmm McD’s breakfasts!

Anyway, gonna do a few bits of work this morning as im not going to be able to do much this week due to the fact i will be in prauge! 😀

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