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Prison Break – Season 3 episode 14? Or season 4?

I have been a huge prison break fan since it started, i think its possibly the greatest tv program ever made! I have recently just finished watching episode 13 or season 3 – which has been described as the “winter finale”.

For a while, the episode details have suggested that this may of been the last prison break ever! only go’s up to S03E13 and i couldn’t really find out any new info on what is happening after this episode.

I was doing some browsing last night trying ti see if i could dig up any new information on whether or not we would see Michael and the crew return any time soon, when i stumbled upon this news article from Dallas News.

It talks of plans to move the filming and production of prison break back to LA, as they have been doing recent production in north texas.

The producers have an exciting idea for next season’s storylines, and unfortunately, it may require moving the series back to Los Angeles for creative reasons”

It doesn’t state anywhere that there will actually be more episodes, but the fact they are STILL making it is a pretty good sign don’t you think ๐Ÿ™‚

The news of the potential move came suddenly, Ms. Burklund said, after the Dallas Film Commission was already in negotiations to keep Prison Break in North Texas for two more years, long enough to assure the show of syndication. The two additional seasons would have meant direct spending of $61.6 million and an economic impact of $154 million, she said.”

Could this mean a season 4 AND 5? Based on the events in the last episode, im not sure it could really warrent another tow seasons! I kinda hoped that 3 seasons would of wrapped it all off, as dragging it out too long could cause it to get a bit lost (like lost ๐Ÿ˜€ ) but i guess one more season could be interesting so we can see big mike kick some more ass.

Ill keep my ears to the ground, and i know wiggy will too – so hopefully we’ll be able to find out soon if prison break is going to continue blowing us all away ๐Ÿ™‚

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i’m a big fan also from the 1st wonder i couldn’t dig up any info on 14th episode.. so sad that i need to wait once again on PRISON BREAK for new season (still in questions)..but PRISON BREAK still the best ever…

I just want to know when can we see season3 episode 14 or just what will happen. If Michael Scofield will revenge Sarah and his father and finish with what they call “The Company” or he will break out another prison.

My thoughts are that linc, LJ and that bird will dissapear out of it now..

And it will focus on micheal finding the people who killed his chick, and also on sucre and tbag in sona..

I dont think micheal with leave sucre when he finds he’s in sona either.. he’ll prob help him get out too..



I just watched the last episode of prison break released and i cant help but get filled with so much curiosity. Though i feel like it is coming to an end, i do feel that mike still has to get the guys who killed sara, theodore has to find a way out of sona,same case to sucre. I can imagine an linc leaving mike in panama and heading home as he seems not willing to take chance anymore. anyway lets wait and see.

i think i am in luv with this tv show.michael will not leave sucre to rot in that prison he is surely going to set him free very soon.

prison break has been the best tv series so far. The architects and actors of this thriller have won the hearts of people the world over.
Thumbs up to the crew and anyone who made this dream a reality.

The architects and actors of this thriller have won the hearts of people the world over. it has been the best tv series so far. Thumbs up to the crew and anyone who made this dream a reality.

What do you mean with “Sara is alive!”?
There would be no sence for Mike to kill the bad Lady… for what?.. being bad?
If Sara is alive there wouldn’t be an episode 24 or season 4.
I didn’t understood why Sara must die, but now it all gives a sence.

no LJ said that he only heard sara screaming when they were going to kill her. LJ didn’say that he saw her dead so it maybe she’s really not dead.
prison break is full of surprises ๐Ÿ˜›

Hey, how you doing everybody? i am the big fan of prison break and i will see episode 14 tomorrow and don’t think i am lying. it be nice and i will tell you what was in it? i don’t if sara is alive and she can’t be because they showed the head of her a lit bit. see ya

sara is dead for defo. the prison break producers told her that she wud not appear much in some episodes n she didnt like that so she terminated her contract wid the producers.

Olly my man… Another question I wanna know, is how Mahone switched into the company! I wanna see a flash back or two to see how far its gone back etc. Is that the reason Mahone wanted to go back to Sona, and didnt testify?? Agreed Prison Break is the best series EVER

Keep digging 0lly, and send me any info on google talk HAHA

What i really wanna say or i should say add to the previous replies that when i was searching with my p2p programm ( Sharing Program ) I typed prison break suddenly a title appeared as Prison Break Season3 episode 14
I was stunned at first but when i tried to download it wait a min that means 3 hours of trying but eventually i couldnt
i think there wont be an episode 14 but there will be season 4 for sure
You know why? because who’s gonna get sukrey out of the columbian jail right it doesnt make any scence

Prison Break will be bak with episodes 14-22 but not in september, it shud be june if anything just like wen the 2nd part of season 7 of scrubs comes bak. Season 4 has been confirmed but no actual dates have been confirmed wen it will be aired. Prison break season 3 wud have been finished if it wasnt for the pointless strikes they had b4 xmas. They had to cut season 3 bcoz of time slots that were scheduled for other programs to be fitted into.

This was from ETcanada, hope this answers some questions..
Kat Angus

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wentworth Miller will have at least another year to perfect his thousand-yard stare: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has renewed Prison Break for a fourth season, ordering a full 22 episodes to begin airing this fall.

Prison Break’s third season was cut short by the WGA strike, producing only 13 episodes and averaging a mere 8.2 million viewers in the US. Producers are planning to relocate the show’s production location from Dallas to Los Angeles, where Season 4’s plot will take place.

There are also plans to develop a Prison Break spinoff set in a women’s prison centred around a character that has yet to be introduced.

The last episode left me with alot of anxiety and is so dissapointing to hear speculations that ep 14 of season three is the finale.but i don’t think so cuz michael’s on the run to avenge the death of his girl.sucre’s been held up in sona and T-bag has become the king of sona.this means there are series of events yet to happen.mahone has joined the company and we don’t know what they are up to.seems the company still got alot to handle.So i beleive that there gotta be an epissode 14.i’m a die hard fan of this show and i’m still waiting for the next episode.c’mone mr,scheuring man, we running outta patience.

I swear..they have got to take out Sucre. How can he be in Sona for helping out Scofield. And Sara too has to be back. If they want more viewers they need to listen to us too. Give back Sara and Sucre.

Sucre dies whisler dies lincoln lives with sofia michael tries to free sucre but when he finds out that sucre died trying to escape he gets really angry and seek for revenge t-bag becomes the permanent king of sona(like when luchero was the king)


That’s the true story about prison break for eps 14-22 and there will be season 4 but i haven’t discovered what will happen in season 4 yet!!!

Prison break is the best series that will ever appear again in the entire universe.
But i think season 3,ep.14. should be the last one, cuz paul schreung has atlist portrayed each of the character’s fate. T.bag & belleck aint got nowhere to go than to rot at sona, so sorry for sucre.

Hi, about sarah…living or not…??? Yes she is.
I think ou can’t be sure that Sarah is dead just because they show “her” head very quickly…she was quite an important character in the serie as she was the one who Michael loved. As you may have noticed, it sounded bizarre that she died and they didn’t really emphasize the point that she was dead…so the doubt is remaining.
However, what let me think she is alive, is the last conversation between the ex-policeman and the fisher in the bar in front of the “banco del sol” at the end of episod 13 when he asked the first if he wants to join the company, while the girl is waiting outside. The ex-policeman said: “If she has done what you think she has…about Sara, she’s the weakest link”. Obviously, she failed to kill Sarah and weak, in that case, means not being able to kill somebody. Moreover, you can tell by some phone conversations that she isn’t able to kill somebody. Indeed, she is always obliged to say ‘and don’t forget I can do it’, which somebody who can would’nt say that but just do it.

I’m sorry but that is just speculation. I see your point but the weak link could be interpreted that she is so stupid as to declare total war on Michael, whose brains are tenfold more powerful than hers. To arrest a brother and make one’s life temporarily miserable is one thing but to take someone’s life away by eliminating the one he loves when a much more creative solution could be found is another. That was a foolish act. One more thing, Malone said what he said about Sarah because he only found out from the fisherman at the end. NOTE he did not know what happened to Sarah when in prison!

SHE IS NOT ABLE TO KILL SOMEBODY!!!! Man SHE eliminated a whole unit of armed wardens and what about the head in the basket did she get that from the morgue?

Just so you all know,

I have just been doing research into this and came across an article saying that the actor who plays Sara has in fact renewed her contract and will be returning in Season 4. The producers have said that there will be a lot of flashbacks to find out how everyone got to where they are.
That’s all i know from what they had…. just wish they would hurry up now!!!

Malone knows what really happened with Sarah. Indeed he was in prison but it seems obvious he’d had a whole conversation with the fisherman about the company…etc…ans how its working and what is going on with the company.
Indeed i got it wrong when I said it wouldn’t be possible she would kill somebody as you emphasize the point she has already killed a whole army. And it is true it is a weak point that she “killed” Sarah because she wasn’t able to do anything else against Michael’s stong mental force.
But I am still convinced that this head in the box was just a fake and that this important character of prison break can’t be killed so easily. Sarah was just as important as Michael’s brother as he loves both of them. But could anyone think that this season woule still be going on if Michael’s brother would be killed? It would sound like the end of the serie.

There is no episode 14 season 3. Because of the writers strike they cut season 3 short so thats it. I believe they have started shooting season 4 or they are at least looking at where they are going to be filming. there has been some talk about them relocating for “creative reasons”. Season 4 should be the full 22 episodes though. And I’m told probably not hitting our screens til November now.

25th of august is the first episode of season 4. there is indeed NO episode 14 from season 3. the first episode of season 4, is a 2 hour during episode. Probebly with many flashbacks

you know what? I still think Sara is alive. maybe somehow,it is just my personal hope.who knowsโ€ฆ.just wait for our hero-scofield to show us more suprise!

prison break is the best tv series ever made. Im serious. And cant wait to see episode 14. But why deos it take so long? Has the series been shut down or something? does anyone know? If u do please let me know. Im almost dying of curiousety.

posted by a big Fan!

i’m just in love with wentworth miller . he’s truley the best . i know nothing about the episode 14 . i don’t know if it’s gonna be an other season or it’s gonna carry on season 3. i hope that’s works on easy an quikly cauz we really miss PB so much . it’s the best damn thing . i love that guys much tooooo much . i think i’m gonna kill myself if they don’t come back again to make everybody smile and cry at the same time . i wanna say ” i just love Prison Break and i really need to see you again guys”
peace an love!!

will all of you please pipe down, the series will return, if it made as much money as they said it did then dah it will return. my guy in the know said that WM and crew have signed up for 6 seasons

best tv series ever….sara ain`t wouldn`t make any sense…altough it would be nice miss sara scofield

They will continue the show, too many fans for mere money problems to stand in the way. I dont think Lincoln and the others will be safe with Michael going all Assasins Creed on “The Company’s” ass. And I think sucre will bust out by himself, or by the help of Lincoln. Trust me if u were michael, and the girl who you loved the very most would be killed, you’d be more focused on revenge than on the busting out of Sucre. That’s my 5 cents tho. Prison Break is the greatest and meanest TV series out there, and the guys who wrote it are probably descendends of Shakespeare himself.
PB 4 life fools!!!

the series was cut short cos of the writers strike in the usa.same as lost-both were cut short-lost showing a “half+half” episodes to cover the break from the strike.season 4 of prison break is on its way now+shud b on tv soon in usa+comin 2 britain as fast as it can get on torrent surprised that many americans werent aware of the strike affectin this-was widely publicised

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