Bonnie The Dog

Adventure in Clumber Park!

Wow, this place was amazing! There was so much space to run about, and i have never seen so many doggys and people in the same place at the same time! I met some doggies like me, and a BIG grey doggy that ran off into the wood and his daddy had to run after him. Haha, i will try that one day.

We drove their in mums car, and we got stopped by some scary white doggies that wouldnt move out our way.

white doggys!Me and my mum

We walked about a bit, and mum and dad let me off my lead for a bit too. We practised running about and i ran from mum, to dad, and dad gave me a treat. Its a good arrangement to be honest, as i love eating things AND running!!

Me and my mum 2nice bulding

I hope we go there again, as it was lots of fun. Dad said he is going to join their club so we can go all the time. I hope i can join their club too because i do not like to be left out!

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