Landlord Visit.. Oh dear..

As many of you know, i have lived in this House since september 11th 2006. And my landlord has been up once, and didn’t come in that time. My mum rang me yesterday and pre-warned me that he was coming up so i was to make sure the House was tidy and free of dog stuff.

It hadn’t actually occurred to me, that the dude who owns the house may object to us having a dog, we have been so caught up in actually getting the house ready for one we didn’t stop to think!

Anyway, i gets home last night after driving VERY slow the whole way back, hoping id miss him. I pulled into my drive and he turned up. Ahh shit. I hate this kinda thing..

I went to unlock the door, and gem ran in and hid the dog bed and stuff. They both came in and sat down and started talking to us about our house rent and shit.

As it turns out, i didn’t need to worry as he was really sound with us, even though i owe him Β£700! He doesn’t mind if we have a dog, and doenst mind if we paint the walls and shit. I guess its saving him a job if/when we eventually move out.Β  he mentioned he will probably want to sell the house in about 3 years, and that if i was in a position to buy it he would offer it me first.

But he basically said all was good, we aint got nothing to worry about. AND we can have a dog!


He did put the rent up, but gem and myself anticipated this and re-budgeted about a week ago including the rent increase. So its all good basically!

In other news, im watching the latest EP of season 3 of prison break tonight, thanks to my man woggo. Me and him are by far the undisputed PB kings!

Another post coming in a sec for new pics of our baby!

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yeah we rule πŸ˜€ What did you reckon to it then? As good as you anticipated mate? πŸ˜€

Mint news bout your landlord too! There are so many out there who are wankers, just after the easiest buck possible! You seem to have found a proper mint landlord there mate πŸ˜€

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