Lies, Cheats and Naughty Little Treats

Since having the Internet at home, and having a fair few things happen that i feel i need to shout about, i have got the bug to blog back again. I had lost it for a while, things were very samey, and i dont see the point of blogging for no reason, its just wasted bandwidth imo.

Anyway, i was sat here tapping away on my keyboard, probably building one of the many new sites me and dave have released this week, and my phone rang. The name “Ollie Dave” was on the screen, so i answered it and said “Alrate dave” haha, he loves it 😛

I was greeted with a “You didnt tell me you and dave were in £20,000 worth of debt, each?”. He then proceeded to explain to me a conversation he had just had with a lad called Welly. He explained that Welly has heard “Down the circuit” that the reasoning behind the paid membership on the club website is to bail dave and myself out of a £20k personal debt that we both have.

The conversation was littered with contradictions and stuff, but the general discussion was about this apparent scheme me and dave have going off. I find it fairly hard to believe that people would be so stupid as to think this, but if that is what they think, then lets do the maths just to see how good a scheme it would be.

I think the advanced membership thingy is £162.50 a year. This includes entry to five major car shows ayear, all tickets paid for the day the ticket lines open. It also includes £17.50 to the club, instead of the £20 that a supporter would pay (the 2nd choice for paid membership)

Lets say its £163 a year for arguments sake, to round it up a little. And lets base this on one year, as lets face it, if our intentions were to rob people we wouldn’t be around that long would we!

£40,000 divided by £163 = 245.50(ish)

So we would need 246 people to sign up for the advanced membership in the first year. Thats a hell of a lot of members. Then you have to take into account the fact people are paying monthly, so if we were stealing their money, how would we get them access to all the shows, all year, without spending any of their hard earned cash so that me and dave could clear our “Debt Problem?”

It really amazes me what people come up with. For starters im probably now in less debt than most people in todays day and age. I only have one loan, no car insurance and no credit cards and only a £100 overdraft! The loan is for roughly £3000 too, so its not like that’s a fortune. Dave’s not in anywhere near that amounts worth of debt either, but its not my place to go into any more detail other than that, other than to say we both do have debts yes. But both of us pay our debts with our own hard earned money that we have made for ourselves with our own business that we have been running for over a year.

Thats all i have to say about that..

So thats the “Lies” part of my blog title covered, next is the “Cheats” part. Ok, so i picked the title cos it sounded good, and the “Cheats” part isnt really about cheating, just about achieving something cool for very little cash.

As me and gem have a house that we are making our own, we have started moving things about and generally improving the look of the house. One of the things that i have always wanted to do is create some art for the walls to brighten things up a little.

This original by Olly and Gemma is entitled “Poppy field, or some shit” It is a two-part creation, that creates a wonderful colour coordinated addition to the room in which it is to be hung.

This delightful piece is again by Olly and Gemma, and is quite appropriately titled “high velocity blood splatter” And this work of art is split into 4 to create a powerful, yet appealing message to any visitor to their staircase.

I Have made one more as well, but not taken a photograph of that yet. Hopefully they will make the walls look a bit less plain. Another new addition to the house is a dog basket and Bonnies first little toy. I hope she likes it! We just need the dog to go with it all now 🙂

Now the final part of my blogs title.. “Naughty little treats” I have a little plan in mind to reward the town i live in for its ugliness, dull atmosphere and general shitness. I cant go into to much detail but pictures of these treats will always be on my picture site when they are actually awarded.

Im going to bed now, i have a feeling i will feel like shit in the morning, but hopefully dave and I will have another fantastcily productive week like the we have the last few.

Peace and Love Mother Funksters.

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