Hiding in the shadows

For many years now, i have had involvement with a wide range of websites.Β  just off the top of my head i can remember the following domain names that i have had, and have let go;

  • www.[URLremoved]

And i currently have involvement in two large forums, both with the associated social groups that accompany them. And over the years, not only have i had to deal with many many situations for many many people, i have on occasion’s been subject to direct threats and insults myself..

But none have ever directly insulted me, my life, and the way i was raised. Until Now.

What makes it worse, is that this person is in fact hiding behind a false identity, and refuses to admit who they are. Not only is this annoying, but its also totally pathetic. If you have an opinion and you want to voice it, you voice it so that people know where its coming from, else it is as worthless as this person in questions knowledge of my upbringing.

Maybe the truth behind this now is that this “Person” is in fact continuing to talk shit about me and my bitness, as they know what would in fact now happen to them because of the things they have written on that blog, if their true identity was in fact now revealed.

I guess the truth will come out one day.

Lets hope that im not face to face with this person when the truth does come to light, eh.

Tread carefully.

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I truly am disgusted in the things I have read Oll. I couldn’t believe it was even published!

Blogs, like many other things are really useful to some people, when used in the right way. Using them to fight battles, vent out viciousness towards someone, hiding behind your pc/laptop thinking you’re making some sort of valid point/arguement etc truly highlights the sheer stupidity these people are blessed with.

How self righteous, self absorbed and pittyfull do you have to be, to think that anyone hiding behind annonymity will get you taken seriously? Will not make people think you’re actually some kind of saddo who hasn’t got the balls to stand up and say what you have to say? Especially when it’s something so rude and down right personal.

The ways of the internet warrior are reaching an all time low in my opinion, they are the smack heads and the theiving low life scum of the internet.

Sarahb xx

True Story..

Ah, im not gonna bothere reading any more of that shit..

I blog cos i have done since i can remember, and i forget stuff easily..

So if i blog the important stuff, its only 1 search away if i need to find it πŸ˜†

Mate, as spineless and out of order as those comments are on the aforementioned blog, the way I read it is that they’re aimed at a different person, there’s just a mix up in the whole Ollie and Olly thing I reckon. Still inexcusable for the person they’re aimed at but you shouldn’t be taking them personally.

Maybe the purpetrator will grow a pair and own up some time but until then I wouldn’t take any comments seriously until it happens.

Yeah, a few others have said the same..

I hope its not about me, but like you said its unacceptable regardless of who it was aimed at!

Nice to see you stopping by buddy! πŸ™‚

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