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The media will destroy the world

Yep, that’s right. The media (i.e. newspapers, news on TV) will cause the total destruction of the world by about 2045.

I was watching the TV the other day, and i saw that “Northern Rock” – a large bank organisation had to borrow money from the Bank of England, so that their customers didn’t experience any problems getting their money out. The reason for this is the way the bank works, they borrow money from people to give to their customers at a fixed LOW rate. They then lend that money to their customers at a higher rate, therefore making money.

Now, the people that the bank borrow money off have put their rates up, and that meant that Northern Rock could of been in a “lack of cash£” situation so temporarily borrowed some cash from the bank of england whilst they upped their interest rates and started over-charging existing customers to make a bit more cash for them.

But, thanks to the media, everyone has gone into panic mode, and has withdrawn their cash from their savings with Northern Rock. If everyone does this, then the large organisation that is Northern Rock, and all its employees, will be out on the street! And its not even their fault!

And again, with the Madeleine mccann case, there has been so much speculation, allegations, and blame being thrown about, that people have forgotten that there is a little girl out there that could still be alive, or could be buried somewhere horrible, and not near her home and family so that they can pay respects to her (if she is indeed dead).

And the people to blame about this, is the media! They hype stuff up, and make a mountain out of a molehill JUST to sell papers, they don’t give a fuck about the fact Madeleine is missing, they just want a more attention-grabbing title than their competitors, so that they can be number 1 in the ratings!

The fast paced news reporting media that we have in this day and age is to blame for SO much..

Will it ever go away?

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Right on the money. Did you know that the wood that a wizard’s staff is made of is Hollywood. The public has been cast under a spell by the wizards of Hollywood.

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