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Madeleine Mccann – The News Aint Good

Well, after a blog post earlier, ive just read that (according to the news) the police are now working on the assumption, that Madeleine McCann, is dead.

“Olegario Sousa, a spokesman for the Policia Judiciaria, said they are now working on the assumption that the four year old is dead.

Mr Sousa’s comments came as Kate and Gerry McCann admitted for the first time that they have discussed returning home to Britain without their daughter. “

Its not good news for the McCann’s, and the rest of the world to be honest. But i bet that if the UK police had been involved since day one, that this conclusion would of been made a lot sooner.

“After exhausting all leads suggesting Madeleine was abducted, police are now working on the theory she suffered an accident or was killed inside the flat.

They have confirmed that the parents are not suspects. Two specialist British sniffer dogs, one with the ability to find small traces of blood and the other a “victim” dog who can detect human remains, were brought in a fortnight ago.”

Why were these dogs not brought in sooner? I wonder if any new/updated laws will be passed after all this, stating that the investigations into serious cases involving british/UK tourists in foreign countries will be handled by, and only by, the British/UK police forces? Because lets be honest, they might be an annoyance at times, but most of the time they are damm good.

The parents have apparently been ruled out as having any involvement in the death of Maddy (if that turns out to be the case – lets hope not) it seems strange that they have been left uninformed of the details of the recent developments with the blood traces etc, maybe the police are not yet ruling anyone out of the investigations, and have jsut said that to quieten the doubters.

I guess as soon as these DNA tests are back, we’ll know if we are any nearer finding little Madeleine McCann.

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