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The most pointless gates in the world

The most pointless gates in the world

And no, they are not putting the rest of the fence up next week – its been like that for years!

I can only assume that the gates were on the outside of the house, at the end of his drive, and i bet they were always open cos of cars going in and out. So no one saw his fancy 215 thing he probably had specially welded into the gates.

Still, pointless as fuck isnt it!

Also, has anyone ever been to smiths arcade in skegness/ingoldmells? Or the dunes pub thats next to it? Well, its burnt down!

The Dunes pub, and smiths arcade

Dunes, ingoldmells, skegness

Dunes, ingoldmells, skegness
The picture is not the best, but basically the whole pub is gutted. As the arcade is joined to it that has suffored major damage too. – EDIT 2 more pics added! SHITTT!
My uncle bill and his bro used to own it, but my uncle sold his half of it to his brother. I feel sorry for them, as its probably one of the most famous arcades in that area. I remember going there since i was born, its part of many peoples lives and childhoods.

I have done some searching and many people feel the same. Apparently the area was in mourning as its been a part of so many peoples lives for so long.

And its just getting hot isnt it! So the season would of just been starting!

I hope they get it sorted soon, as skeg just isnt the same without it!


Edit, new maddy stuff added – read.

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