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Madeleine, Paris and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Ok, so first things first, i have moved my maddy stuff to a page of its own so it doesnt get in the way of my blogging. So click HERE for the page.

Other news hitting the headlines today, is that paris hilton has been released out of prison, after 3 days!!!

I got this news report from some fashion site..

“Paris Hilton served a miraculous 3 days in jail before complaining about a medical condition in order to leverage an early release. Well an early release it was. After just 3 days in jail, Paris was released from the Lynwood Century Regional Detention Facility and sent back to her Hollywood Hills home to serve her original sentence under house arrest.

Following her release, the media and concerned citizens made it very clear that they were upset with the justice system and that money and fame can obviously buy you freedom. After a complete public outcry, Los Angeles City Attorney ordered Sheriff Lee Baca (the person who made the initial decision to release the socialite) to send Paris back to prison to complete her 23 day sentence. Baca insists that Hilton’s release had nothing to do with her social status and a lot to do with a ‘severe medical condition’. The details of her medical condition have not yet been released.

So will Paris Hilton return to her jail cell and complete her 20 days behind bars or will she remain in her million dollar mansion for a period of 45 days? Some would argue that house arrest in the Hilton home would be more like a vacation than a punishment to most. Regardless, Paris has been juggled back and forth between 2 places. I think we can all agree that it would be best for everyone (including Paris) to put her back behind bars and leave her there for 23 days like she was told she would be.”

I say throw her back in and let her learn a fucking lesson! And that bit about it being nothing to do with her daddy being rich as fuck – is complete fucking bullshit. If any other inmate was ill, they’d send them to the medical wing and have them sorted out. They dont get sent home! Its not fucking school!

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I agree with you on the Maddy subject. Just doesn’t add up.

Paris should rot though. Shouting “It’s not fair!” in court is just pathetic. Not fair that you should be punished for your crimes? Righto. Bitch.

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