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Week 1, Maxxd Marketing Solutions..

This week has been totally awesome. You can read about the day to day goings on at (Maxxd Blog) but ill run by a few things i have done.

Tuesday was a random day as i was catching up on the emails i had received over xmas and other such crap. We still managed to get some work in, and chase a few outstanding invoices up.

Wednesday was a productive day, as djb31st (dave) came in and did a days work for us. His assistance with a few of the issues were having was invaluable. He is a legend! thanks buddy! Wednesday was the first day we got free pizza too, cheers dusty! 🙂

thursday was a random one for me, i had an appointment with a client ( as they wanted some help and advice  with the search engine optimization of their online shop. I arrived at 10:00am and got straight to work. It was a fantastic feeling being able to  advise someone in something i know about, and quite enjoy working on. After a free lunch and a few optimized pages later, and i set off for home.

Ive never had such an overwhelming sence of job satisfaction. 🙂

Today has been a very random day, our good friend chris from came to the office, and has discussed helping him start a shop up, it was the first time we’vve had a client in the office, it was great. Free lunch again too. Rock on!

Just about to go home, but i expect ill be in tomorrow for a few bits and bobs.

Peace out boys and girls.

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It has been a very crazy but productive week mate. I’m kinda overwhelmed and buzzing all the time now.

2007 is the year we have been waiting for.

By the way, I have the farts today, I ate far too much food over the weekend, good job you sat near the window hey pal 🙂

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