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Horrible Feeling.. Rectified..

I got home after picking up my rations for trax, and the carried my bags into the house. I put all my shit on the sides, as you do, and then went to put a few things in the freezer so they wouldnt go off. Now from day one we have had rules about space in the freezer, i have always had a shelf, when mat lived here he had one, and daz had one.

Obviously mat doesnt live here anymore – so daz can spill into the second shelf. I have no beef with that in the slightest. But all 3? And the fridge was about full, as were the cupboards. Ive never felt so un-noticed in my whole life. Its like he’d just forgotten i lived here or something? I managed to fit all my stuff in, but if i had bought a weekly shop id be screwed. Wardo, if your reading this – we need to sort something out ASAP!! :¬(

My night was improved by the time i got bathed etc. I had been let down by someone who was supposed to be getting our weed for the weekend, but i was soon sorted out and the night turned out to be a right laugh. I have been going out a hell of a lot more recently, and i think thats good for me as i do need to get out and see my friends more often, and its good so new members can find someone who will talk to them so they dont get made to feel unwelcomed.

I hate it when i hear people saying they came down but no one talked to them, its not hard to say hi to a bemused person whos stood in the corner on their own. I am guilty to not going over a few times, but its really hard as there is so many people i want to speak to and i get quite overwhelmed when there is a lot of people trying to talk to me at one time.

“I canny handle it captain! I just havent got the powerr!”

I have added plugins called Spam Karma and Bad Behavior to my blog, as reccomended by Lorrelle, a extremely helpful guy who replied to a post in my blog a few months ago. Spam Karma controls spam comments (ive been getting SHIT loads) and Bad Behaviour blocks spam bots from scanning my site. They both seem to be working great ! Thanks Lorrelle, Dr Dave and the people that make Bad Behavior! :¬)

Trax tomorrow, i have to be up very early! I will have SHIT loads of photos, videos and stories to tell when i get back. Its gonna be a mad one!

Peace out.

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