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As i publish a lot of my thoughts on the internet, and due to my position on the websites im affiliated with, i sometimes cause a bit of stress or a few problems for myself or people close to me. Its hard because i have to be a bastard sometimes, and tell people straight and sometimes thats not what they want to hear – and so get offended. They have to see the bigger picture and see that i have a respncibility to do my job, and in the desictiption of my job in big bold letters at the top of the page it says

“Warning – Doing your job may sometimes offend people, but this is always neccessary for the continuation of peace throughout the galactic empire”

I dont like faling out with people, and only tend to do so properly when someone had deeply offended me, or if they slapped my mother or something (thats never happened by the way – purely an example). But sometimes i do fall out with people i dont want to, and a lot of the time it is down to something very stupid, and also the fact they dont like baing moderated. But they see it all in the wrong perspective, and take it personally. Luckily these situations sort themselves out pretty quickly, before they cause too much damage. Most of the time..

Woh, i just rambled on two paragrahs of complete bollocks.. No wait.. its 103 posts of complete bollocks isnt it?! 🙂

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Alrite brother….

As for offending people mate, I think they would prefer you to be open and honest, than to hide these things. Although it may upset them a bit, in time they’ll probably respect you more.

if anyone gets offended, fuck em. at the end of the day it’s your lfe and your feelings. you have as much of a right to express them as anyone else.

it’s much, much better then the bitching behind peoples back approach that some people prefer, i’ve always said things to peoples faces and always will. best way.

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