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I pray for the day..

…That i stop going overdrawn. I need this next pay cheque from thor to really get me back on my feet. I had budgetd well this month, had cash in my visa account to ensure the paypal charges could go out without goin OD. And i even allocated £60 to my bills account to cover (a suspected £55 charge from orange) But that wasnt what happened.. Of course!

I had owed orange loads of cash for ages, they just *didnt* take money from me, they had all the right details, they just didnt take any. So i contacted them, and eventually i noticed £55 leave my account, so i presumed the nice people at Orange had decided to only take that amount off me, instead of the £150+ that i owed them all at once. Which, if it was true was a very very nice thing to do.

But as i have found out this morning, its not true. They took over £150+ from my account, leaving me massivly overdrawn. Bummer!!

So do i contact Orange, and moan that their lack of braincells – and not taking my money when i told them to, therefore causing me to build up a bill – has caused me to go overdrawn? Or do i ring Lloydstsb and try and get them to lift the charges? I think ill try orange first. Something has got to give here, cos i aint being forced into overdraft. And thats what seems to be occuring.

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Your bank will probably refund your charges if you tell them… I know that was sort of the policy at Capital One when I was there… Just call them up and point out that Orange are being retarded and they’ll probably be able to help you out. If not then just cause as much trouble as you can for the person on the phone and ask to speak to the manager a lot. Managers are lazy and they’ll give you a refund to avoid doing any work 😉

Tell the person that you shout at that you know it’s not their fault though. It absolutely sucks ass being shouted at by some moron who thinks, for some reason, that you are the one to blame for all of their problems 😉

LOL, yes, i kept re-assuring the woman i wasnt having a go at her. I am liasing with orange right now, they want me to fax across proof of the charges taking me overdrawn. And they will credit me £35! Let me tel ya, i put my blaggin hat on, and many many big words and complex sentances were used. The lady at orange cant be fucked to argue with me i think. Haha, compliance!

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