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Ikea – Good or evil?

Ikea. It has done to homes and style, what max power has done to modified cars. Everyone thinks their house is “Individual” when in actual fact, every other house has the same shit in it. But who cares about all that? lol I needed a desk for my room, it had to have lots of storage, and needed to be able to seat a laptop quite comfortably.

I looked at just about every desk, and id had even pre-read the ikea book, so i could see if there was something that fitted the description well enough. And sure enough there was one desk that stuck out and looked too good to be true! It was called “mikeal”, and i could afford it by adding £1:90 to the £50 voucher my mum got me for xmas.

I thought things couldn’t get any better, but then i turned round and my mums mate said (jokingly) want this camo chair as well? CAMO!? CHAIR?!! i had to buy it! It was £20 and is MINT! Anyway…

The desk took a hour or two to build, and it houses all my shit perfectly. I have got to make 1 or 2 minor adjustments, but apart from that its PERFECT! My room is almost complete now. I have just got to buy a nice mirror, and hang my whiteboard (even tho the desk has a magnetic whiteboard on the right hand side!) and then im done!

On a more painful note. I burnt my fingers yesterday. It hurt like hell, and they blistered like fuck last night. They are ok today, but i went and gave myself a bad paper cut on my right hand pinkie.. Ouuuuwwwwwwchhh. Hurts REAL bad!!!

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