My Past

pink O’s.. too many pink O’s

The fact that every time i close my eyes i see a pink O is enough to reassure me, that i really need to get out of here! Like I’ve said many a time, the job in itself is great and the people are brilliant. I just feel like I’m wasting my life!

Every other job i have done, i have had something clear to aim for. When i made pizza, i worked my way to the top of the list of preferred pizza makers. When i was at ancis, i went from junior college leaver techie, to senior techie and team leader. Even when i was at metalbox (crown specialty packaging) i went from basic packer, to a laborer. Yet here, it just seems so dead end. I know mark talked about the future, and that it will get better. – And i don’t doubt him for a second, i just don’t feel like being part of someone else’s team!

I want to make my own decisions, and make my own mistakes. I want to wake up in a morning knowing that it is up to ME to make MY money to live off. I know i don’t know enough about business to actually start one, but i bet id learn everything i needed to know, within the first year!

Life’s about taking risks. And this is one of them.

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