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Friday, and its my anniversary..

Ok, quite a lot to blog about today. Today is mine and nicola’s 1 year anniversary, so we are celebrating later by laying a carpet, building a bed, then having champagne, strawberries and cream, in the BATH! il take a foto if i can – for my anniversary present, nic has bought me a really nice ring (pictured below) and i am gonna take her into town and buy her a nice expensive piece of jewelry, as im crap at finding things myself. – The bedroom is nearly decorated, hence building a bed and fitting a carpet, that’s if she can decide on which one she wants!

its friday again, and i just cant believe how fast the weeks are going! – thought it was wednesday on thursday again, i think my memory is slowly slipping away (again) i was on a downer last night, because i ran out of weed, and i have no money till wednesday. I dont like saying im an addict, but i am. I guess everyone is addicted to some things tho, some people are addicted to smoking cigarettes, some people are addicted to drinking coffee. Im just addicted to something that is slowly giving me cancer and bronchitis, but gets me HIGGHHH! @_@

Dave has told me there will be some security work soon, so hopefully i can start saving, clearing, and buying again SOON! I think ill start with my debt, as then i have no weight on my shoulders, and i can actually spend the wages i get paid rather than pay bills off. **word of advice kids, DONT GET LOANS OR CREDIT CARDS! its not big, and you’ll regret it when you get older!**

I spent a lot of today, reading this guys “universe of website’s”, he has a very long serving blog, but then has a newer blog written by his alter ego, that is addicted to ” methamphetamine and benzodiazepines” (i can’t even SAY them!) and he go’s on to record how he’s feeling when he’s trying to stop, and all the experiences he go’s through. I found reading it was quite interesting, as i was looking into someone’s life that is sort of in a similar boat to me, but on the other side of the world! – Obviously his experiences are greater than mine, but i still feel that i can empathise with the guy, because his drug journey is quite similar to mine. He’s tried most things ( a few more than me like) and is now addicted to one of the things he experimented with as a kid, much like me.- So ill think ill stick around his site, and make sure he’s alright 🙂


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