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pat my self on de back

well, ive been working like a dog recently, amd been having some nice pay packets…but this weeks has so far topped all.

Β£390 πŸ™‚

for 1 weeks work, and thats what i brought home, i earnt over 500!

the hours of boring overtime are paying off.. ive been told that i am one of the highest paied temps at my workplace! hahah mint.. ive pretty much doubled my income since working at ancis, and i still seem to never have any bloody money!

bidding on a few bits n bobs on ebay, a cool chrome mirror and grill for my caddy, and.. erm.. summat else. cant rememberr now, OH a weber carb too πŸ™‚ hehe only ridiculasly low bids atm.. if they get too high i aint buying shit! haha someone has bought my speakers i was selling, for Β£14, + Β£5 p&p = Β£19 πŸ™‚ he’s already paid into my paypal account πŸ˜€

donations to my paypal account ->Β olstar@maxxd.comΒ πŸ™‚

pls give generously lol

its my first ever ebay sale, and paypal transaction. id of thought i wud of done this b4 ages ago.. but im a n00b :O omg

think im working friday ngiht, and sunday daytime, which is SHIT because i wanna go out saturday night and party!

burning the candle at both ends eh πŸ˜‰


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Yes. You need to use & pound; or & #156; instead of typing the actual pound character. Ignore the spaces after the &, I added them so they wouldn’t be parsed as the pound sign.

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