My Past

pretty shitty city :)

watched ‘twin town’ at sheps before work last night.. its awesome 🙂 ret old but ret real ya know what i mean? i suggest you all go out n watch it.

im no further with anything today.. i got a list of stuff to do, as long as my arm! and i seem to put it off constantly. for example, i got a PC here.. that i gotta upgrade for maddsy. i got a newsletter to create for maxxd.. i got something i got to put on ebay, but i need a really good camera to take fotos of it (as it needs up close pics taking) and i have got to borrow the camera from somewhere.. and tbh i cud do with gettin all this stuff done right now, but fukkkk i need sleep also. ill get up at 2 and do the pc, then ill sort the newsletter.. and ill do the ebay thing tomorra.


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