My Past

end of tha mk1 :'(

im happy and upset at the same time!

i am happy i have got rid of my MK1 cos i havent got enuff room time or money for it, but at the same time im upset cos it was mint and i loved it!! oh well.. i can say i have owned 2 mk1 golfs now 😉

so 1 down 1 to go! the saxo will be gone SOON it MUST go, i got GS engineering gettin closer and closer and i need the saxo gone for then! fuck shit fuck!

had a mad weekend, cant remember what happened friday night, but saturday, i went to a wedding, which was shit! and then i went to coyote and met up with all my mates! i got pissed on a tenner! my first 4 drinks was bought for me, and then i bought more and seemed to always have at least 2 bottles! fuck knows where i was gettin them from! hahaha! shit kicked off between 2 girls in coyote, it was funny becasue of how STUPID the reason for them arguing was.. oh well.. i just stood there n shook ma head!!

milton keynes is gettin closer!! next weekend im off to slammin vinyl to get absalutly trashed n listen to drum n bass! wow! trashed AND drum and bass! what a good combination!

1 final nite, thanks to me mate jules, i am gonna actually REALLY try n quit smokin as of tomora. Stop weed, fags everyhting! she is gonna quit too, and her mate from work, so lets see how we do eh?!

booyar! 🙂

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