My Past

got me a jiz-ob.. a jiz-ob!!

yo mo fo’s.. i got that job that i went for the interview for on saturday!! basically turned up, sat down, filled a sheet in, he commented on how smart i looked and that i seemed to be good at speaking to people, and he basically offered me the job there and then!

i have got to find out the minimum amount of notice i have got to give, and give it! i recon they will make me work till the end of the month, (1 more week) then let me go.


and this job is only 9-2, 5 HOURS a day!!! and basically the same pay as i am on now, which to me seems fucked up!!! i was, well, still am, a SENIOR IT TECHIE AND A TEAM LEADER and i am gettin a normal door to door job, and im gettin paied the same?!??! have [my existing company name] been rippin me off or WHAT!

i got about a million pictures to add, so i will do them once im back in ma office!!

peace out, im gonna use some of this broadband! 😀

[quote of the day] “i had a right donkey fit!” [/quote of the day]

this woman was on fone to her husband, and she said the above quote, i had to stop myself from fallin over with laughter!!!!

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