Home Security Measures

We’ve recently moved into a property we bought in Mansfield, and so far its been amazing. Its not the biggest and best house in the world – but its ours.

The last few weeks have seen various house upgrades such as new carpets and freshly papered and painted walls – but one of the next items on my list is a solid, professional home security system.

Living room, before and after...

I want at least 3 cameras, fed to a DVR that is high enough resolution for the images to be used in a court of law. I’m also going to be installing carpet grippers along certain fences to aid in protecting my stuff – i have spoken to the police who have off advised me which fences not to put them on – he didn’t say much about the others ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve also read that using spikey plants like the “Spanish Dagger” in your garden is a great way to protect against burglars – totally legal, they look awesome and if someone jumps over a fence to steal your warez they get some very sharp spikes in their bottom.

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