Faked her own CHILD son’s death?!

When i was recently at my cousins wedding, my cousins brother (who is also my cousin lol) introduced me to his new girlfriend. She seems lovely, and they get on very well – which is awesome considering the shit his ex – the mother of his son and daughter – puts him through.

I wont go into too much detail as i suppose its his private life, but she has fucked him about let right and centre! And even though they have been split up a while, he is still paying for it (literally).

Anyway, i went to fetch some overdue sponsor money from my mum, and she enlightened me of the latest development in the scenario. My uncle told my mum to be wary of getting any calls from her, because.. get this..

She has told all her work colleagues that her SON has died from an asthma attack!

They have even done a collection for her/him!

Just to let you know, the child in question is alive and well, and this latest spout of mindless stupidity is surely her taking things a few steps too far?!

Its one thing to run up debts without telling anyone, then dumping them on people – but LIEING about your sons well being is probably the lowest and most outragous thing i have ever heard anyone to of done.

If this doesnt sway the courts, then the justice system in this county truely is a pile of dog shit.

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Man, thats the most fucked up thing I have heard this year !!

She needs her head looking at me thinks..

This is something that would happen in Hollyoaks and Shameless…

I think you need to call the Sun newspaper mate and humiliate her big time…

Infact, do it now, you know it makes sense 🙂

I’m assuming there is a custody battle? there should be if not! Unfit to be a mother – some people cant have kids and she’s abusing the gift she’s been blessed with!!

Yeah kinda, whenever they go near a court room she turns into a different person….

And your dam right ally!

It BLEW me away when i heard she had gone to this extreme!

Thats beyond out of order!
As the others say, she wants locking up!
I cant imagine saying anyhting like that about my kids.
Im actually shaking my head thinking about it!

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