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Help me carwow help me car wow …Just testing something 🙂


How to Spot online & Phone SCAMS!

It is something that I have blogged about for over a decade, but more recently I have been made aware of a SERIOUS increase in scams originating from India and similar countries, targeting mostly elderly people or people that they have scammed before (they share and sell info between each other) DONT BE FOOLED if […]

Ranting Work/Technical

123 Reg – Online Experts?

Wooow. Honestly, this blew my tiny mind. Ok, so I had a customer who uses 123-Reg’s super duper website builder CMS thingy. All good, right? Hmm… So they had the eCommerce bolt-on and ran their online store from this “CMS” that was provided by the dodgiest URL ive ever seen in my life; Like, […]


Remember 2020?

Wow. 2020 was a thing? I started the year homeless, single and with an uncertain future. I ended the year with my own house, a focused – rock solid plan for the future of my business (that is solely mine now, too) and if I play my cards right there may be a relationship with […]