Scams Scam – Fake Support Ticket Phishing Scam Email

Wow, this one took me by surprise to be honest. We use Mailgun for many of our customer sites, as it provides great logging and flexibility for delivering emails. It also means the outgoing emails aren’t tied to the same server the website is on, as emails can get people on blacklists and that can cause website access issues for customers.

Anyway, a customer emailed this to me this morning, they asked if it was a support ticket we had raised but straight away I knew something was wrong, as the format of the email/support ticket was all wrong.

This is the fake one;

Mailgun spam email support ticket phishing

To the novice user or someone not familiar with their email format would deffo fall for this. You should always hover over or inspect links in emails like this, before clicking on them;

Mailgun spam email support ticket phishing

Hovering over the link shows that it would actually take me to which I can only assume is a hacked website. Normally I would click on it and screenshot the website it takes me to, but it’s early on a Monday and I have a bad feeling about this one so dont want to risk the malware infection to be honest! 🙂

Just FYI, this is the format of a support ticket notification from Mailgun;

Mailgun actual support ticket email

And this is how newsletters come from Mailgun;

Mailgun Newsletter format

So none of the official emails look like the spam one, but to the untrained eye it would be easy to mistake and click on the link.

Be warned!

If you didnt ask for or request the email in some way, its probably a scam – so forward it to me so I can blog about it!

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