Finally settled on a new layout

My rekindled love for blogging has also meant i’ve been spending time tinkering with my blog layout and the colour scheme trying to get it just how I want it.

For the last few weeks I was rocking an awesome theme, to be fair it was the best one i’ve ever had, proper ticked all the boxes…. apart from the fact once I started delving in and altering a few things I realised the guy who made it was a moron and had obviously coded most of the template files with his knees.

The structure of everything was a mess. I was very sad :'(

So, I started the hunt for a new WordPress Theme (you’d have thought i’d have one of the ninjas at work make me one haha) and it reminded me about how hard it was to find simple blogging themes nowadays that focus on the written content rather than huge header images and image slideshows and junk.

…Is that because no one writes old fashioned blogs any more?

I get that a picture is worth a thousand words but I often visit blogs and they’re using premium themes that are built to focus on large imagery that accompany the published articles, and the authors simply use some crappy stock image because if they don’t they break the layout of the page.

So is there really any point in having that as a main feature of the theme?

We did some work for a lady recently who was a travel blogger, and because of what she blogged about she needed large images to be part of her articles else the images of the places she visited wouldn’t get across to her readers – however not everyone blogs about “visual” things so there really should be more choice of themes out there for the rest of us! 🙂

Anyway, after 20 minutes or so I saw this theme, liked that it was fairly bare-bones and installed it. All credit to Per Sandström for making a great theme that is easily customisable and is made for bloggers!

Hurray for simplicity!

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