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Chocolate Milk Review – Arla Gulp & Wing-Co

I heard someone say “write about what you know” once in a movie, or maybe it wasn’t a movie – maybe i didn’t hear anyone say it at all – well wherever i heard it, i have decided to embrace it and start reviewing chocolate milk as its something that i know – and am quite well known for drinking.

Rather than start with something run-of-the-mill im starting my chocolate milk reviews by talking about 2 new brands from the same manufacturer.

New chocolate milk review...

Arla are no newcomer to the milk product world but they are newbies in the chocolate milk world – this report on the Grocer written only a few months ago states how Arla “are not in it for the short term, we are not a flash in the pan” which to me is good news as their first two efforts are not too shabby.

I’ll start with Gulp – a kind of obviously named chocolate milk drink with a very different flavour compared to similar drinks on the market here in the UK – it reminded me of how chocolate milk tasted in europe (chocomel etc) but its much thicker like a Friij. It a nice alternative to the other thicker chocolate milks on the market and i would definitely buy again.

The Wing-Co chocolate drink was a different beast altogether – its being aimed at men and marketed as an alternative to snacking – it contains 40% more protein than other chocolate milks and you can taste it when you drink it – its nice, but it was very filling and it cant really be consumed as a drink which to me kind of defeats the point. I may buy it again – but when i’m hungry not thirsty.

All in all, both drinks were nice and i would buy both again depending on circumstances – i prefer the bottle shape this size too, it means you can hold and store a bit easier.

Chocolate Gulp – 8/10
Wing-Co Chocolate – 6/10

EDIT: Bought Arla Gulp a few times since and realised that it reminds me of the taste of chocolate custard or chocolate rice pudding… I knew it was familiar

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