Commercial Property in the Midlands

We’ve been debating whether or not to move our operations to another office within the Midlands, or to move everything we do to a store-front type setup and open a shop selling cool shit too?

Where do you start when looking to relocate your entire business?

We have scoured the Internet and found quite a few decent website that show us our available options, one of which is Alliance North Midlands – their job is to highlight the available commercial office space within the North Midlands area. It lists the large business centres, and the smaller incubation units for start-up’s – but unfortunately it didn’t show us any store fronts – for that our search had to expand.

We checked websites like to view commercial properties available, then literally walked to them in the town centre and viewed them for ourselves (photos never do them justice) and after checking some of the MANY available properties we’ve found a few that would suit our needs fairly well – but nothing that has really set our creative juices alight!

The search continues – if anyone knows of any Shops or Commercial Property, Midlands/the surrounding areas, that would be a great place for us to expand our business then send me a comment. 🙂

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