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Search Engine Domination

Due to the line of work i am in, SEO is very important to me, and i try to apply SEO techniques to any site i own or run with davros. I have always therefore used certain SEO tricks on this blog, in order to dominate google for such terms as “0lly” (with a zero) and “olstar” (without a zero)

I was just doing a random check, and found that if i searched for 0lly, someone also called 0lly had a blog, and his domain was – Bastard. Why didnt i buy that years ago! The chap seems a little geeky, and could possibly give me a run for my money for that top spot in the search results.

Ill keep my eye on the situation, but due to the age and vast quantity of data on this blog i dont think ill be knocked off the top. πŸ™‚

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