Madeleine Mccann Conspiracy

Bizzarre Madeleine Mccann Theory

Ive not blogged about this subject for a while, as to be honest – dispite the fact a little girl is still missing, im just getting a bit tired of it all, aren’t you?

But after a quick google search to update myself on the current goings-on in the case, i stubmled upon this little gem of information, probably a pile of shit, but i guess you cant rule anything out at this stage, no matter how much it sounds like a movie script..

“Kate was used to incubate the fertilised egg of a government experimental human clone. The McCann’s were allowed to raise her as their own but the government body was concerned for the welfare of their experiment clone because they found out that the McCann’s were sedating her while they went for drinks at the Tapas Bar. The government sent in a stealth team who snatched Madeleine on the evening of May 3rd which, says my neighbour, would explain why Kate cried out “they’ve taken her” because she knew who ‘they’ were, but then later changed her wording when she realised she had nearly given the game away. The McCann’s don’t appear to be upset because they’re not, they know where Maddie is. Everything Kate and Gerry have said and done since the ‘abduction’ has been a charade to cover up the top secret experiment and the government in turn are protecting the McCann’s to ensure the secret is kept under wraps.

Hahaha, wow. I guess that would make a decent film! But in regards the truth of it all, i very much doubt  this is anything like the actual story behind what happened to maddy.

Im sure in time the truth will emerge, until then im sure we’ll hear of more “evidence” found, more suspects, and probably a few more instances where jerry and kate mccan are accused of murdering her, or selling her to the circuis to be used as the human cannanball.

I doubt ill blog about this again until something really juicy crops up.

I do hope she’s found OK though, but the further and longer this is all dragged out, the less likely i think that will happen.

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i think this is the truth its so obv that maddi is a clone its un true, i mean it all makes sense. if i was her parents i wuld grass on de law and show dem whos da boss around these parts… deap down madi is dead end of i mean a anagram on “maddie” is “im dead”. ths isworse than area 51 maddie should be shot dead

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