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Weekend in an iron box

Saturday Night

First off, i said i wasn’t going to do this. By this, i mean write a blog entry while i am on a security site. As if its a long security shift it tends to be a long blog entry. Unfortunately for me i haven’t yet managed to get my cron job thingy working so i cant email my blog, yet!

Anyway, im just about to hit the sack after the first day of my 48 hour ordeal. You see, i got her at 7:00am (actually, it was 6:45am) Saturday Morning, and i cant leave till Monday Morning at 7:00am. So a quick calculation reveals that at 7:00am tomorrow morning i will be half way thru, and right now i feel like i wont be able to make it! lol!

There is one thing that’s cheering me up tho. And that’s a website i have been working on today. Its my oz0ne site, and i got bored so i started re-doing the top image, which lead to re-doing the whole site. I have never been so proud of a website tho. It was born a glimmer of an idea in my tired brain, and now is a fucking stunning website! Im thrilled with it! It may be shit to everyone else, but compared to – ummm – every single website i have ever made, its brilliant! LOL

Im tired now, and i think 10pm is good enough time for anyone to go to bed. Im just quickly gonna go see if that youth left any rizla in his JCB 🙂

Sunday Morning.

Usually when im on site i make sure im up before anyone else could come, i.e. the team leaders. But this morning, i couldn’t be arsed. I figure that if all they are gonna leave me with this weekend is a fridge and a microwave – no tv, no dvd player – 1 heater and an o tea or coffee (ive since sourced my own) then they can bollocks. Before on this site i had CCTV, and infra red detectors everywhere, all i had to do was await a beep or keep my eye on the camera. But my shift is the last one on this site. SO they have taken everything! Even the sweeping brush!

I don’t know why they couldn’t of left it a few more days. I guess its a good example of how horrible and thoughtless people and more importantly companies can be. On the flip side, two people have shown me awesome generosity. John, the guy who’s like the top dog below the boss was in yesterday to finish some work off. He fetched the coffee, tea and sugar down from the upstairs office. Oh, and their remaining milk. And the lady at the marketing suite she gave me a unopened pack or echo chocolate bars, and the last bits of her milk too. She’s brining me some more choccy biscuits and 1 litre of milk with her today. Bless her!

I think im slowly getting used to this rough sleeping malarkey. Sleeping on hard floors and in sleeping bags is how i will probably sleep a lot of the time when im traveling. I guess the fact that i am alone is good practice too. Cos when im thousands of miles away from home there probably isnt going to be the barrage of familiar faces that i see when venturing into mansfield, for example.

Well, i slept well on the floor here last night, and im not sick of my own company yet. So far so good!

Sunday afternoon

I have sat here and tided up my computer documents.And i watched cannibal holocaust again. Every time i watch that film i see bits i missed. I downloaded a different version to the one we rented at the video shop, its a hell of a lot more gory. You see people cutting open REAL animals, and shooting pigs and all sorts.

The “holly tree catering” guy came, and hooked his snap wagon up to the mains so he can run his fridges etc. He sold me 2 cup-a-soups (80p each) a bread roll (30p) and 2 cakes (60p each) for £1.15. A total saving of nearly £2! Another example of generosity from a complete stranger.

Im starting to get really bored now, i cant possibly watch kill bill or hackers 2 again, i watch them every time im here! I must remember to put them on CD and put some more on my pc so i have a few different options for when im bored. Hopefully by the time i am working again i will of got my charger for my new laptop and that already has a movie on it that i haven’t seen in an age. Back to the future 2! And at home i can sit them side by side and use this one im currently on as a file server. I think it could quite happily live under my bed storing files and what-not’s. I might even look into buying a really big hard drive for this, so i hardly have to have anything on my new laptop. Then it will always run at a good speed.

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Web design site looking cool..


reminded me of monster jobs for some reason.. probably just the purple i guess

£150 with hosting is rather cheap as well!

in fact there was something about webdesign stuff i wanted to talk to you about.. remind me!

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