SCAM – Data File Google Winning Batch: UK/111/GWIN/GUK

Dave spotted this in our spam box from with a reply to address as – as if “the CEO of Google” would have an email address like that!

“You have Been Selected as a Winner for Using Google Services. Find attached E-mail with more details.

Mr. Owen Hookson.

And its another attachment jobbo – look at this beaut;



Here is the original file

Its of course – a Scam – stay away folks and if you see anything like this in your inbox forward it me so I can have a giggle 🙂

2 thoughts on “SCAM – Data File Google Winning Batch: UK/111/GWIN/GUK

  • Hi Ron,

    Dont know who is behind it – its almost impossible to tell really.

    The fax/phone numbers on there probably do go to the scammer so maybe try and contact them that way if you need to vent 🙂

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