EXPOSED! BES Utilities & Energy Search Ltd SCAM CAUGHT ON TAPE!


After months and months of continued SCAMMING by BES Utilities, we finally have PROOF that they are in fact mis-selling commercial energy contracts via “3rd party brokers” which are in fact financially linked to Andy Pilley – the managing director of BES Commercial Energy, or BES Utilities as they are also known. This video proves these “3rd party brokers” are only interested in getting the people they call into 5 year contracts with BES Utilities, and are not acting as unibased brokers that they claim to be. When you dust away the bollocks, its clear they are simply the sales team for BES.

Due to the fact there has never been any proof before this video – myself and many others have been on the receiving end of a LOT of legal paperwork from various solicitors, claiming the content of my blog posts and the 3rd party comments/external forum posts that relates to BES Utilities is all false, the claims we are making are lies and that we will be prosecuted if we don’t remove it all.

They have not succeeded in silencing us yet.

Thanks to a collective known as ScamWise UK – I am proud to present to you video evidence of mis-selling by Energy Search Ltd, and its clear the broker is only interested in selling this chap a BES Contract – so this video also backs up the claims we’ve all been making since the start in that Andy Pilley and BES Utilities are linked to these brokers and it’s all one big elaborate SCAM. (Its worth noting that the scam I refer to here, is in the setup of the companies – because BES don’t have a sales team in house, their sales efforts are not regulated by Ofgem – meaning they can basically do what they want. They are exploiting a loophole to enable themselves to scam, cheat and lie to get sales)


PS Sorry about the Russian video player and the long unskippable adverts – BES Utilities have had the video taken down 3 times now, so we’ve had to get the big guns out.

OK, so they got the russian video taken down – we’ve rehosted it for now and further mirrors on the way.

They really don’t want anyone to see this video! They have taken this version down too, but you can download a copy here.

New stream below, and a mirror link here.

Expert artists impression of BES Utilities owner Andy Pilley’s reaction to finding out Energy Search Ltd (one of his sales departments that aren’t his sales departments – wink wink) got busted trying to scam someone.

BES Utilities BUSTED

I will keep my blog updated with the situation as it unfolds – please share this video so we can stop these crooks scamming more people and please read previous posts if you are not fully aware of the situation.

Stay Scam-Wise, peeps! 😉

17 thoughts on “EXPOSED! BES Utilities & Energy Search Ltd SCAM CAUGHT ON TAPE!”

  1. Hey there
    I got a call from Energy Search this week and like a fool had no idea this was a scam as we have just moved into a new building and it all sounded so plausible, I haven’t given them my meter serial number but I have given them my bank details are they are calling back today , I thought something was off when they called 4 times tuesday afternoon for the meter details which is when I started googling them and came across your most excellent blog. My question is I am now in a legally binding contract with them ?
    I spoke to Eon (our supplier) and they said I can stick with them and to block Energy Search … I assume I will have to contact my bank and cancel too.
    I am in a bind panic about this as I am usually totally on top of things like this but have been so busy and disstracted it just didn’t register with me.
    Any advice appreciated !

    1. Ask E-on to object to the transfer. If too late, tell them it is an Erroneous Transfer and you want to return to them. Also ask for the contract call from BES. They have to read a full contract acceptance call xand you have to accept the terms as read out to you. If they miss one element, the contract is invalid. You can also ask E-on to raise the complaint, obtain the call and check it for you.

  2. P.S it’s worth noting that if Energy Search do ever quote other suppliers rates, take them with a pinch of salt. Not only are they likely to be fabricated to favor BES, but in the case of British Gas, Energy Search don’t even have a brokerage deal to supply their services!

  3. I have read the comments and other websites relating to BES and am extremely shocked at the goings on in the business energy industry. I have just spent the last 30 years working in the insurance claims business and specialised in the investigation of “crash 4 cash” incidents. These were mostly fueled by greedy accident management companies and lawyers (ie. the equivalent of Commercial Reductions & BES!) and has basically led to us all paying an extra £50 on our insurance premiums every year.
    Anyway, earlier this year I decided enough was enough and resigned to open a small shop in my local home town. I ploughed my life’s savings into the business and was really looking forward to it … alas the enjoyment lasted approx 3 days.
    I’d already agreed, prior to taking over the shop (an existing business), to keep the energy supply with British Gas and on the day of the business transfer I duly spoke with them and agreed a 2 year contract for both Gas and Electricity. I knew that I could have probably found a better deal but I just didn’t want the hassle etc.
    3 days later I get a call from a guy who says there’s an issue with my electricity meter reading and needs a new reading. He’s very vague on where he’s calling from but he sounded genuine so I provided a meter reading (despite the meter already being a smart one). I had also witnessed the previous tenant taking the meter reading on the day of the business transfer and knew it was correct and even supplied this reading to British Gas when I spoke with them 3 days earlier.
    The guy said the reading was miles out but wouldn’t disclose what recording he had previously.
    The guy then goes on to say he’s from an “independent” company called Commercial Reductions and that he could provide a very good quote for my energy. The best deal he could find was with a company called BES. I pointed out to him straight away that I had already taken out a new contract with Brit Gas however he stated that “it did not matter” and as no supplier was showing on his “systems” then I was within my rights to change supplier. I even advised that I’d received a letter that morning from British Gas confirming my contract etc.
    He then went through (very quickly) the rates that BES had to offer and initially they sounded better than what Brit Gas had offered. I again advised that I’d taken out a contract with Brit Gas and was concerned that they might “sue” me for breach of contract etc. He assured me that this could not possibly happen so I agreed to the contract.
    By this time I was starting to feel quite intimidated by the caller and felt that I was under pressure. At the same time I was trying to serve customers so wasn’t really paying attention to what the caller was saying. Indeed, at one point I had to close the shop and drive 2 miles back to my home in order to obtain my banking details!
    During the actual “terms and conditions” of the call (the only bit that is allegedly only recorded!) I raised again the subject of my recent contract with British Gas. This seemed to annoy the caller but he assured me once again that there would be no problems and he then had to start again with the “contract” recording and asking me not to mention the British Gas aspect again. He also asked me not to mention this when the call went through to BES as they “wouldn’t know what to do about it”.
    Following the call I knew straight away that I’d made a terrible mistake and an initial search on the internet regarding BES caused me considerable stress and anguish.
    The following day I contacted the British Gas complaints dept in the UK and explained by predicament. They clearly knew about the conduct of Commercial Reductions and BES and assured me that the supply would not be transferred to BES.
    I then contacted BES and asked to be put through to the complaints area. I explained the situation and was assured that any complaints about a “broker” were taken very seriously. They also advised me that I had nothing to worry about as only one company could be a supplier (at the time I was worried that I might be contracted to both companies for at least 2 years!).
    A few days later I receive all the documents from BES including comprehensive “terms and conditions” – very few of these were mentioned in the original verbal contract.
    As I was still not convinced about the situation I called British Gas again and they assured me that both the electricity and gas supplies were with them and any attempts by another firm to take them over would be blocked. It was also agreed that a password would be placed on my account just in case someone tries to imitate me!
    I then wrote a formal letter of complaint to BES outlining the above and expressing my disgust in the way that the “broker” had conducted himself and that as far as I was concerned my contract was with British Gas.
    I received, what appears to be, a standard response enclosing the recordings of the actual verbal contract. There is no mention of any enquiries being made with Commercial Reductions about their staff member’s conduct and as far as they’re concerned the agreement is still valid etc.
    To be honest I really didn’t expect anything different bearing in mind the comments on this forum!
    Just one other thing. I haven’t mentioned any names in the above although I did record them at the time.
    Of interest I received a call from someone at BES a couple of days before my official complaint whose voice sounded very similar to the original caller from Commercial Reductions! When I advised that I wasn’t happy and was lodging a formal complaint he hung up on me!
    Having read the considerable and quite shocking number of complaints regarding BES and their “not so independent” brokers I would appreciate some advice as to how to proceed.
    I’m very concerned that BES will somehow manage to take over the supply of my energy using underhand tactics etc.
    I am prepared to put up a very good fight and will not allow myself to be intimidated further or bullied. I have experience of the legal profession and have given evidence in Court on numerous occasions in relation to my previous employment so this does not worry me in the slightest!

    1. This is almost word for word what happened to us on the 17th December 2014! We are still stuck with BES for another 2.5 years! After trying numerous different ways to get out of this contract. Seems impossible! Please steer clear of this company!!! They will baffle you and before you know it you are somehow entered into a contract you don’t want. We also had already taken a contract out with another company. These brokers come on the phone and trick you by telling you they are your energy supplier. Rush through contracts and jargon. And again you are told not to tell BES that you had been in contract to another supplier.

  4. The whole consultant/agent system is Under review and will be regulated.

    Businesses, whether in contract or not, are continually harrassed with promises of lower prices and methods of baling out of contracts. The most common used is Change of Occupancy. This is fraud, and some proprietors are complicit in the fraud. The dodgy agent will avoid their part by producing a contract call where they say “you are the new owner?” And you say “yes”. Additionally the new ‘cheaper’ rate is unlikely to be cheaper as the Agent will take significant commission.

    If you are in business, never complete verbal contracts over the telephone. There is a chance that all your details will be used, and a fake contract call created and issued to the Utility/energy supplier. It then becomes difficult to prove you did not agree the contract.

    With comparison sites easily accessible, why take the risk.

    You are business people, why give private information to anybody over the telephone. You will only become aware of your new supplier when a contract comes through your door, and that is just the start of a very painful journey.

    If you really cannot be bothered to sort out your own gas and electricity accounts, there are decent consultancies out there, just google them.

    Personally, i would cut anybody off who called me. Never ever give them your meter numbers, bank details etc. Do it yourself. It’s easy, and you stay in control.

    1. ‘This is fraud, and some proprietors are complicit in the fraud.’

      If you were released from Kirkham Prison on 27th April 1998 after being sentenced for fraud related charges by Preston Crown Court; you’d be pretty silly to [allegedly] continue perpetrate fraud wouldn’t you?

      Only an example, obviously…..

  5. I have a new business and received a call from ‘energy search’ to help me find a good energy supplier (Im generally good with spotting scam but these sounded too prof) so I gave them my serial number and bank details (sort code & account number) which is pretty strange bcos generally when you give your card number (16 digit long number) however after the phone call I searched about them to find out they are scam. I have now received a letter from BES utilities saying thank you for agreeing a contract with us (terms & conditions are included in the letter) what should I do!?

  6. I own a few small businesses and every time i register one I will receive multiple calls from “Energy Search LTD” We record all of our calls here so if you need any for evidential reasons then please get in touch!

  7. I’ve just become a new business owner and was scammed by Action energy, who I have now found out are connected to BES energy. They are supposed to be taking over my supply on 18.10.16 from eon, I’ve only just found this out from eon. I’ve had no written correspondence or emails, just the sales patter from action energy. After supposedly entering into a contract, I was then contacted to say they wouldn’t be accepting me as we had failed a credit check, which I have to say was done on the property and previous owner, nothing to do with me. We then looked for an alternative company, which we found with eon at a much reduced rate. But now I’m told by eon the BES ARE TAKING OVER. I contacted BES today, who basically didn’t want to know, they are supposedly getting their complaints dept to ring me, but I won’t hold my breath. Basically I’ve been conned!!!!!. I also tried to ring the number Leanne from Action energy gave me, but it stated it wasn’t recognised, surprise surprise!!!!. I’m so angry that there is no cooling off period for businesses, they don’t seem to have any protection. SO IT LOOKS LIKE IM STUCK WITH BES FOR 3 YEARS, THEY HAVE REALLY STITCHED ME UP!!!

  8. Diane BES contracts are 5 years, on a market tracker.
    Here is the front director Chris Murphy. He is an ex Pilley employee who now fronts this for Pilley.
    Honestly the best way out is to officially leave the lease. Get someone else to take over with another legal lease and then BES will be forced to release the contract.

  9. Has the Buisness debt line that b e s put 600,000 into as punishment from off gem actually helped anyone because when u apply they never get back to you and u get told that u haven’t applied correctly from b e s even tho they give u the details of the form u have to fill in

  10. I almost lost my pub being with BES for a year without realising my huge mistake. DO NOT GO WITH THE BES THEY SHOULD BE IN JAIL!!!!

  11. BES are the worst! We took over a new shop that BES (or BS as they are known to us) already supplied. We usually use Eon but thought we’d give these guys a go. The first months bill should have been around £190-£210. First months bill with BS? £484.52! I of course complained to BS and they said words to the effect of, tough, your in a 5 year contract! The second months Bill? £512.15!

    The good news is I’ve been in business a long time and know the game, so had accidentally given BS the wrong company name for us. We are now moving over to Eon.

    If your not in contract and you hear the letters BES, run away as fast as you can.

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