Cyber Investigation

I have been using the internet to investigate Cyber Crime for over twenty years now, and continue to help people each and every day. During the past twenty years I have been asked to carry out a number of Investigations for a number of friends – using the internet. Each time I have managed to find the person or information they needed.

So, I am offering my Digital Cyber Investigation services here for anyone that may need them!

Services offered;

  • Digital tracing – Find that person or people you have lost touch with, track down rogue debtors etc.
  • Case Building – If you need info to back up a case you are putting together against someone, then I can help with that.
  • Company/Corporate Intelligence – Build a picture of your competitors or find out the truth behind complex company structures
  • Digital Forensics – We can analyse data left behind by hackers to trace their whereabouts and help you prosecute them.

And anything else in-between.

My knowldsge of the web and the technology that makes it up, means I leave no stone unturned when investigating cyber crime.

And if I cant find the info or solve the problem, then I have a number of close associates that do the few things I dont. Call it a complete service.

All work is confidential – plus, you and your info will remain private at all times.

It costs £50 for me to open a case, once you have filled the form out it will redirect you to PayPal to make the payment. Your investigation will not start until you have paid.

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