Martin Willmott – TV Aerial Troll – Buckby – Warning

EDIT: This post has been updated with fresh information at the bottom of this article.

Ok, so a guy called Martin Willmott is not a scammer as such, but GAWD DAYUM he is one hell of an internet troll, so much so, I just had to blog about him.

NB: I am by no means endorsing this troll. I just find the extent he has gone to pretty mind-blowing.

Here we go…

A friend of mine runs a small 2 man operation fitting TV aerials, and I have helped him with his website and marketing. Whilst I was looking for sites to contact to help with his marketing I came across a website run by Martin Willmott AKA

Martin Willmott has taken it upon himself to go on a one man mission and troll every single large TV aerial company in the UK – all because the national companies were seemingly taking work from his business Buckby Aerials, in his local area! Competition is supposed to be healthy as it creates better products, better service and better experiences. Martin Willmott seems to not agree.

He’s absolutely gone to town on two companies in particular, Aerial Force and Aerial Express – two huge players in the game that probably do 1000 jobs each per week! If you take those 1000 jobs per week, and then say the laws of average mean that 1% of those people dont have the best time, and leave a negative review – thats 10 reviews each, per week.

If you then assume that – if not prompted – most people who had a good experience just get on with their lives, and those 10 people who had a bad time feel the urge to go on an online rant about how the engineer never turned up, or how they were charged MONEY FOR A SERVICE! HOW DARE THEY! lol.

It all starts to unravel…

Lets look at the issues Martin Willmott has with National Aerial companies….

  1. National companies often use self employed engineers/staff who act for the company, but are not “employed” by the company. These self employed people often go home early or take too long between appointments (traffic, lunch, vehicle issues, laziness) meaning some appointments get cancelled. This is something all large national companies like these guys suffer from, and they spend £1000’s trying to make things run more efficient so this doesn’t happen. They are only human though.
  2. Most of the time, the self employed engineers do live in the areas they serve. It doesn’t make commercial sense to send an engineers from London to fit a TV Aerial in Wales – does it?  So “National” companies are often much better value than “Local” companies as they benefit from bulk buying and other things that small “Local” companies cannot compete with.
  3. Everything in life (especially everything reported on the internet) is all about perspective and context – dont just take the first thing you read as gospel, else you will end up jumping to conclusions, making yourself look silly and also saying or doing something you regret (or make yourself a target of an infamous 0lly blog heh)

Martin Willmott has also made YouTube videos that seem to be staged, but i’d bet diamonds they are also totally taken out of context (see point 3 above). You hear the testimony of an old lady and you feel sorry for her. Anyone would. But the reality of the actual situation she was in is probably totally different to what Martin Willmott has portrayed in his video.

He’s also broken the Trustpilot Terms of Service  by posting “reviews” on loads of Aerial companies pages, saying things like “I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU” and “EMAIL ME YOUR STORIES” which highlights how far he is prepared to go in his campaign against this industry.

All in all, Martin Willmott paints a really bad picture of himself, the Aerial industry and his business, Buckby Aerials. His videos and posts suggest he sees competition as a bad thing – and he really shouldnt.

If you’ve been on the recieving end of Martin Willmott and his threats, or you’ve been “featured” on his fantastic website for being a “Scammer” then i’d like to hear from you. Comment below.

Until next time guys – peace out 🙂

17/07/18 – POST UPDATE: Ok, so over the weekend Martin Willmott contacted my office and threatened my business partner with legal action and also started reeling off personal information about my business partner in an attempt to intimidate him.

As my business partner was relaying the info to me on the phone later that day, we noticed alerts coming in regarding malicious “reviews” that were being posted about us on 3rd party review sites!?  He even doxed me on his own personal website posting my full name and town of birth, alongside other personal info that isn’t available in the public domain. So we now seemed to be the newest victim of this guys online rage!

I wanted to hear more from the other side of the coin, and I reached out to the CEO’s of two of the largest Aerial companies in the UK and as soon as I mentioned his name, the tone of the conversation changed. I was made aware of the true extent this chap has and will go to to discredit these large organisations. Apparently these guys aren’t the first people he has gone on a rampage against either, according to the guys I spoke to this morning he’s a serial “man-on-a-mission” when it comes to trying to bring down large organisations that he takes offence at.

Now, many people reading this may be thinking “But 0lly, isn’t that what you do on this website, too? – to answer that, no, it’s not. I expose real scams, trolls, phishing attempts and other such stories – as well as write blogs about my life, my thoughts and my opinions. I do not go after people or large organisations without researching things first, and whereas my initial post about Martin was more a response to how blown away I was at how far this chap would go – this followon has purely come off the back of my amazement at how “on the money” I seemed to be in part 1 of this article. His aggressive phone call to the office and online rampage against me and my business (of which this opinion and article is NOTHING to do with) proves he really is a bit of a wrongen!

I am allowed to post my views about the things I observe on my own website. I dont ask anyone to read these posts but if the posts are found and help people (and I know they do) then I feel that is mission accomplished. I do not, and never have, falsified info, comments and I certainly would never go on 3rd party review sites myself and post false comments about someone. Thats a line I will not cross.

I did take this post down overnight, while I double checked the situation and whilst I was getting info from “the other side” and after a morning of phone calls and more research I am reinstating this post as I believe it’s something that needs to be seen.

19 thoughts on “Martin Willmott – TV Aerial Troll – Buckby – Warning”

  1. Martin Wilmott trading as Buckby aerials in Daventry is a loathsome character, who has organises constant hate campaigns against other aerial companies for personal gain. He has been using the same tactics for years to smear other companies in his area in order for himself to gain extra work. He manipulates vulnerable elderly people to gain extra cash.
    He is a vile creature.

  2. Martin Willmott is actively trying to take down competitors which in my view is bad practice, this isn’t the first time I’ve read something about Martin. Instead of working hard like the rest of us, he is sabotaging other companies for his own gains. Its about time someone done something about this.

  3. I have had a bad experience with Martin Wilmott.
    He drove his van out in front of me & when I remonstrated with him he swore at me & gave me verbal abuse & then followed me about town filming my car & when I stopped and asked what he was doing, he said I was going to appear on you tube for bad driving.
    He is a lunatic & should be locked up!!!!!

  4. This guy is an absolute disgrace – he bullies elderly people for financial gain. Martin Wilmott is the lowest of the low. He is jealous of successful people and makes it his mission to discredit them. The tactics used by this guy are dreadful. He should be ashamed of the person he has became. Shame on you Martin Wilmott!!!!!

  5. Martin Wilmott is totally conning the system.
    He is not declaring all cash jobs he does to the taxman.
    I think it is a disgrace that he is allowed to get away with this.
    For every 3 cash jobs he takes in 2 go in his pocket & only 1 cash job is declared.
    He constantly asks for cash so that he can get away with this. I dont understand how he has never been caught. Its disgusting.
    An honest taxpayer

  6. Avoid Martin Wilomott aka Buckby aerials.
    He totally ruined the tiles on my roof & caused damage in my loft.
    When water started to pour in after he had been out, he said that it was not him even though my roof has been fine for many years & he was only out the day before.
    He was rude & angry on the telephone & threatened to put bad news about me on his website, and shouted not to call him again or I would be sorry.
    Stay away from this angry man. I only called him out after reading how good he was on checkatrade. I wont be looking at checkatrade again.
    Mr Taylor.

  7. This is the same guy Buckby aerials in Daventry who was parked over my driveway when he was carrying out an aerial job for my neighbour,
    as I remember the name & van & when i kindly asked him to move he started abusing me & my wife, stating that we would be sorry if we crossed him & picked up a metal hook & was swinging it in my direction.
    Speaking to my neighbour afterwards, she also felt intimidated by his volatile nature.
    I would not like him to be working in my house.
    Mr James.

  8. I had Martin Wilmott who is Buckby Aerials in my house to install a new tv aerial.
    I was on my own and he made reference a few times to the large sign on the side of his van which says “Impressive Erections”
    I felt really uncomfortable so I asked my neighbour to sit with me until he finished & left.
    Really strange person. Avoid.

  9. I had a run in with this guy Martin Wilmott trading as Buckby Aerials.
    He left metal ladder hooks lying on the road at the back of his van & I tripped over them. He then asked me what i was doing, and i explained, & he said it was my own stupid fault.
    I was irate & said i would report him to the Health & Safety Department, & he then threatened me.
    When I got home i looked up his website on my computer to see who he was & he actually believe it or not had a picture of his van with his metal ladder hooks lying on the road at the back of his van!
    I decided not to report him to the HSE but he is not a nice person. People should know what kind of person he really is.

  10. I know Martin Wilmott & he is a total mysogynist.
    He is woman hater who talks about women in the most derogatory terms. He is a member of the political party UKIP. If they are really keen on improving their image then they need to kick out cavemen like Wilmott. He is disgusting!

  11. am a previous customer of Martin Wilmott who is Buckby aerials.
    I got his details from He was quite the talker, asking if I wanted to be friends with him on facebook & also mentioning his sign a lot on his van, IMPRESSIVE ERECTIONS, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.
    I felt totally uncomfortable with this lascivious guy in my house. Apart from dirty remarks he also made dirty marks on my carpet.
    I never give a bad review about anyone but felt so strongly, that i had to leave a bad review on
    As soon as it was on it was taken off again by Martin Wilmott himself, as when I called they said that the company can take off bad reviews if it likes. What is the point of having reviews?
    My advice is to shun this weird character.

  12. Martin Wilmot is not to be trusted.
    He has been boasting that one day he will lead UKIP & he will deport all immigrants back out the country.
    No surprise UKIP is on the way down with people like Martin Wilmott in its ranks.
    He does not like women or ethnic minorities.
    I dont think there is actually anyone he does like apart from himself. He is a complete narcissist!

  13. Sue Fraser says:
    July 13, 2018 at 11:47 am
    Mr James says:
    July 13, 2018 at 11:49 am
    Christopher Budzinski says:
    July 13, 2018 at 11:46 am
    Ms Wilson says:
    July 16, 2018 at 6:16 am
    Mr Williams says:
    July 16, 2018 at 6:18 am
    Joe Wilton says:
    July 11, 2018 at 2:48 pm
    Jayne Keepence says:
    July 11, 2018 at 2:24 pm
    do you see the pattern ?
    makes me think you wrote them ?

    1. Hi Dave,

      I never falsify comments.

      Thanks for your concern though.

      Kindest wishes and warmest regards

      Olly xx

  14. Buckby is the real con artist who needs to face facts that we are a far superior company who provide excellent service and he can’t compete,he should think of opening a toilet cleaning company and stop wasting time and fuel following people about who are just doing there job,face facts Ute no engineer and are just a strange man with nothing better to do with your life as your aerial company is garbage

  15. This is the same guy Martin Wilmott who threatened me with physical violence during the election campaign. I was shopping in Daventry town centre and this madman was. Campaigning for UKIP. He asked me who I was voting for and I said certainly not UKIP. I am of Asian descent and he said to me of course you will not vote for UKIP, your the enemy.

    When I accused him of being racist, he threatened o smash my face in.

    Its about time the truth caught up with this bigot.

  16. Someone contacted me about this blog on Martin Wilmott.
    I am only too happy to add to it. I am one of his neighbours in Braunston, Daventry.
    I want to remain anonymous because he is a very volatile dangerous person.
    His aerial van was set on fire in April 2009. He blamed “scumbags” for doing this but this area is a good area.
    It was him that did it purely to get into the newspaper to gain some notoriety.Everybody knows it.
    He is always out in the streets here taking videos of things he reckons are not right & putting them on you tube.
    He even filmed the binmen for not collecting the bins properly.
    He is nuts.

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