The White Tent – Built On Lies, Paid For in Lawsuits

I have recently written about a scammer called Stuart Paskin, he runs a number of businesses and websites including The White Tent, and has built his entire “empire” up by moving from Digital Agency to Digital Agency scamming them to do work, then announcing the work wasnt up to scratch and moving onto another company. […]

Stuart Paskin – A Prolific Digital Agency SCAMMER – The Worlds Worst?

Stuart Paskin – Serial Scammer! Never before have I actually encountered someone with such a blatant disregard for┬ápeoples livelihoods as Stuart Paskin, from Lux Level Ltd. I have heard of Serial Scammers, but never witnessed one first hand. We were contacted by Stuart Paskin – the conman – in November of 2016 as he wanted […]