BES Utilities HILARIOUS Press Release!

Just recently, BES Utilities announced a MASSIVE NEWS STORY…. In fact not only did they announce it, but ‘Head of Compliance’ Joel Chapman (not the douchebag that embarrassed himself on Come Dine With me – that was Ross Chapman) harvested uninterested parties contact details in order to ensure they received unwanted copies of this BES Utilities Press Release, breaching the Data Protection Act in the process!

The email contains a story with the obligatory picture of convicted criminal Andy Pilley stood with his fraudster smile on his face.

Andy Pilley – looking smug for someone going to prison, isnt he!

The ‘story’ (and ‘story’ is probably the only way it can be described) is that Pilley has now decided to record the ‘front end’ of all the recordings with those oh so ‘independent brokers’ (AKA BES Utilities Sales Departments)

Talking as a business owner who was personally scammed into a BES contract, the only reason I held on long enough to hear what the ‘independent broker’ had to say was because they alarmed and scared me in to the belief my office was on ’emergency rates’ and would be until I sorted it out.

Usually, like most businesses, when someone says “Can I speak to the person that…..” – it means they don’t know me or my business, and it’s a cold call. So the phone gets hung up…  To his credit, fraudster Andy Pilley had realised this, so to stop the caller hanging up – the salesmen Andy Pilley employs immediately use their now famous threatening tactics & terminology. Whether it’s claiming you’re on emergency rates, or claiming the ‘official meter registration department’ is calling, or a plain old simple threat that the energy will be cut off without a BES contract – Andy Pilley NEEDS to use these lies in order to keep the victims on the line and push them in to an unwanted contract.

They are also making false statements in this press release, and it didnt take too long to find evidence proving they were false, for example, to quote some of the BES PR BS;

“BES is the first non-domestic energy supplier to so far take this step (recording and providing all call recordings to customers) and it hopes that other companies will follow suit in an effort to drive out what it believes to be clear malpractice by several of the circa 1,000 brokerages operating throughout the UK.”


The claim to be the first non-domestic supplier to stipulate the submission of voice recordings in their entirety, fails to recognise that this practice was first adopted by British Gas Business over four years ago within their business verbal contracts!

Next, is an extract from This is Money, published at 17:17 on 11/03/12 and updated 17/08/12 – written by Helen Loveless;

A spokesman for British Gas says that it is a condition of its contracts that all brokers passing it business must record phone sales calls ‘in their entirety’ and keep the recording for at least six months. But other suppliers are known to be less demanding.(source)

Equally, the UIA have been pushing and lobbying Ofgem well before British Gas Business’ initiative, to make it a license condition on suppliers that ALL parts of EVERY call for a verbal contract should be recorded and retained by the broker. It was Pilley himself who actually said call recording would be unworkable!

Here we have another extract from This is Money, published by Helen Loveless, Updated: 22:34, 21 May 2011;

According to Pilley, many of Ofgem’s proposals – such as making a declaration of commission mandatory and requiring all calls to be recorded – would be unworkable.

He claimed it would cost too much to record and retain all telephone calls and said the proposals would also raise data protection issues.

Pilley added: ‘Our industry is encouraging self-regulation and as one of leading aggregators, the only solution is for us to work together and strive towards best practice.’

It’s entirely unclear how Pilley intends to find any more customers if he actually does intend to record the initial part of the sales calls, particularly as he calls people 12 times an hour until they finally give in – it will be interesting to watch this all pan out and see how their scam evolves to fit the new conditions they have set out for themselves. One thing we can be sure about, is in the little brain of Mr Pilley, he will be pondering at how he can duck out of going back to prison!

Andy Piilley

Possibly the most bizarre thing about Pilley ‘leading the way’ in sales of energy, is that he has always claimed that BES is no no way responsible for and sales. So, if Pilley and BES have absolutely nothing to do with any sales of energy, ever, as he claims – how does he intend “lead the way” when it comes to these sales recordings?

I wonder if this ‘story’ was dreamed up by the same people Pilley got to spam my inbox? I also wonder if he will claim the reason he was raided was due to my blog? Or maybe he’ll claim that he is being persecuted by EVERYONE and that he’s just an innocent man (who has previously done time in prison…..for fraud)?

However you look at it, Pilley is a joke. He can’t deny the number of desperately unhappy customers that have posted comments on this website, or that Ofgem said he’d screwed over 7,000 customers – and now he faces a massive criminal investigation and almost certainly a criminal trial. Pilley is a desperate man who is trying everything to avoid his criminal activities being exposed – the issue is, that it’s simply too late!

That smug smile won’t last long, and neither will Pilley’s freedom!

Until next time….

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11 thoughts on “BES Utilities HILARIOUS Press Release!”

  1. Pilley is now trying to sue various local brokers for alleged slander.
    This was when he set up various other energy brokers and enticed them into various recordings.
    The most notable is Joel Okeefe who was caught aparently miss selling to one of Pilley’s bogus new companies, Pilley tries to sue and now employs Okeefe at Card Saver!! Says it all!

  2. Haha all, I have resigned as md of BES and have got away with it all as deleted all the evidence off my servers!!
    You can’t touch me however hard you try!!
    Nick Dilworth is replacing me !
    I am laughing at you like I did in our meeting !!

  3. The fact that this criminal enterprise is still trading is testament to the weakness of the regulator and our criminal justice system.

  4. Why has everything gone quiet with BES and Pilley??
    He now has all his “ex staff” all set up as their own brokers selling BES and getting £500 per deal. Pilley still pulling all the strings! Word has it he has sued your site and put a gagging order on you from saying anything. It’s pretty bad he has won again and trading stadrards have come to nothing!

    1. Hi AndyH – we’ve been busy behind the scenes with something. There is no gagging order.

      Stay tuned for more updates.

  5. Stay tuned ?? One year on from trading standards and nothing, everything now hidden so no chance to catch him. All the staff are now riding around in new company Mercs and Pilley now has a 4×4 Bentley! Looks like he is laughing at you as he is and continues to go strong and earn millions now indirectly through his “independent” brokers. That’s isn’t to mention the multi million pound mansion he has built! Quite simply “money talks” and you have totally lost!

    1. Haha wish I could say more but I can’t.

      Don’t stay tuned then if you don’t want to, but trust me, the next 6 months will be interesting 🙂

    2. Money talks to a point. The tipping point being when you’re ex-employee enters the High Court and spills the beans, as happened a few weeks ago.

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