Is Bent Bill Lister’s career as a solicitor over?

bill listerIs Bent Bill Lister’s career as a solicitor over?

For around 3 years now I have said BES Utilities is a scam. So it came as no surprise last year they were fined £980,000 by Ofgem and last week raided by the Police.

With all this activity that has gone on, one name appears over and over again, and that is Bill Lister of Field Fisher who has involved himself in nearly every foiled attempt of Andy Pilley’s to carry his scam on undetected.

Originally, Bent Bill Lister was brought in by Andy Pilley to complain to Ofcom about a Radio 5 Live podcast that unveiled Pilley’s scam. Within the complaint Lister told a series of lies he must have known to be untrue, and rightly Ofcom rejected his complaint.

Hear the Radio 5 podcast, here;

Then Lister struck again, this time sending threatening letters to me, my friend, an ex-employee all claiming the truth we spoke about BES was defamatory. Laughably, Lister complained it was defamatory to say BES had broken their License Conditions – when later BES admitted they had. He also claimed it to be “maliciously false” BES was involved in any criminal activity – when now BES have been raided by the Police, so the Police must at least suspect they may be.

Not content with this, on behalf of BES, Bill Lister actually issued libel proceedings against my friend for his online remarks about BES breaking their Ofgem License conditions and being criminals. These proceedings were the dropped when Pilley was found to have lied in official court paperwork – funny, that!

Lister even went on to threaten various small businesses. In one email he accuses a grocery shop owner of being a paedophile! In another he threatens to issue a High Court witness summons on a BES customer. He even goes as far in another email to write to a customer without instructions from BES, and threatens them should they continue to complain to Ofgem about BES!

But Lister’s poor conduct didn’t just stop there. When Pilley found out BES were under criminal investigation, Lister immediately issued a letter to Trading Standards claiming BES were entitled to sue them under Section 1 of the Defamation Act and under Section 2 of the Harassment Act! Can you adam-and-eve it?!

Any decent Solicitor upon realising that their clients were under criminal investigation would bend over backwards towards the criminal investigators, advise their clients to be wary and keep a low profile, and make sure they act within the letter of the law. But not cocky Bill Lister!

In fact, Lister sent multiple letters to Trading Standards in attempt to interfere with their criminal investigation, Lister tried to throw an investigator off the case claiming him to be “tainted”, claimed that the name “scambusters” was not to his liking and predetermined the outcome – and demand they attended a meeting to explain what they were up to. Laughably, Lister even refers to Pilley as a “well respected businessman”.

Unfortunately for Pilley and now a rather red-faced Lister, Trading Standards stuck to their guns and last week, undeterred, raided all of Pilley’s offices and ‘other properties’.

So, you can see why he is referred to as Bent Bill Lister, right? Would a Solicitor ordinarily behave in this manner?

After looking like a complete idiot, you’d think it time for Lister to bury his head in the sand and prey nothing comes back to haunt him?

Unfortunately not. Last Friday a journalist phoned Lister and asked him whether he had any comment in light of the recent raids on BES. If Lister was smart he would have said “no comment” and hung up.

But no… Despite the cocky smart-arsed letters; when questions were asked about his personal involvement with BES and Andy Pilley, he panicked, flapped and become flustered. Perhaps this is why he is a former Barrister, because he flapped too much in the heat of the moment while in Court?

Without prompt or even a mention of any names, in a 6 minute attempt at self-justification, Lister lied through his teeth, reeled off several names and went into detailed information about what he claims his instructions were from BES. He also claims at no stage did he ever represent Andy Pilley, despite referring to him as a “well respected businessman” and appearing to fight Pilley’s corner in the Ofcom complaint.

You might be thinking that Solicitors would keep whom they do or don’t work for confidential? You may even think if you were instructing Lister as your Solicitor, he would keep anything you paid him to do strictly confidential?

Well apparently not!

Bill Lister in his flustered moment of flapping broke client privilege and client confidentiality over and over again!

I would love to upload the recording of the telephone call, as listening to Lister flap and panic is brilliant, especially after all those aggressive, smart-arse, cocky and intimidating letters he sent me! But as Lister is yet to consent, and since he wasn’t told the call was being recorded, for legal reasons I can’t.

I can however provide a broad transcript of what was said in the call.

Have a read and see if you think once the Solicitors Regulatory Authority see this, his career will be finished?

The Journalist is in blue.

Lister is in red.


Hello is that Mr William Lister?

Yes who is this?

Mr William Lister the solicitor?


My name is JM. I have some very incriminating documents in front of me in which you appear to be interfering in a criminal investigation by Trading Standards. I wondered if you would like to make any comment?

What documents?

(Lister knows full well)

I have letters from you to Trading Standards.

Where did you get them? That is client privilege!

(But they are in the public interest?)

They landed on my desk. They are very damming!

Are you a journalist? Who do you work for?

Yes I work for a very reputable name.

Well all I did was write to Trading Standards on instruction from BES to try and arrange a meeting between Trading Standards and BES, where did you get my phone number?

(What about client privilege, Lister? Confidential instructions, etc? Does this not apply when you’re trying to dig yourself out of the shit?)

The letters are very lengthy and you appear to be trying to intimidate and interfere in a Trading Standards investigation. You demand an investigator is removed from the case and make several legal threats?  

I did no such thing! Those documents are confidential and are protected by client privilege. I was just attempting to set up a meeting with [name of Trading Standards investigator]. I was merely acting on instruction.

(Note how Lister states the documents are confidential and protected, and then without prompt he names a person from Trading Standards. Also note he claims he was “just” attempting to set up a meeting, when in actual fact he demanded this investigator be removed from the case because he was “tainted”)

As I said the letters are very damming. Also there are other documents where you appear to act above and beyond instruction.

I am finding this call very intimidating out of office hours!

(Says a guy who took money from Pilley to intimidate)

In these documents you also appear to email several small business owners out of office hours and not under the instruction of BES in attempt to intimidate them.

I was only instructed in one libel case against a Mr [name of former Defendant] on behalf of BES Utilities, who I believe has put you up to this!

(Privilege and confidentiality clearly go out of the window when Lister decides to lie about what he was instructed to do. See how, again, he freely spouts another name, which should remain confidential! We all know what Lister says is a huge lie anyway, because he was not “only” instructed in this case, as he wrote to Trading Standards…..and, erm….me! So how can he “only” be instructed in one libel case when he wrote to so many different people?)

I don’t know that name. You have also acted for Mr Andy Pilley in addition to BES?

I have never acted for Mr Pilley! Very unprofessional! I don’t believe you are a journalist, who do you work for? Are you freelance?

(Again a complete lie, he acts for Pilley in the Ofcom report! Also, surely who he does and doesn’t act for is yet more confidential and privileged information he chooses to part to a stranger with?)

Yes, are you aware BES Utilities were raided by the Police and Trading Standards yesterday?

I am not aware of anything; I no longer act for BES Utilities! If you want a comment from BES Utilities I suggest you speak to Mr Patrick Newell head of legal.

(Another name that Lister freely mentions! What about confidentiality?)

I have tried official BES routes, no comment. In these documents it must have been very obvious months ago to yourself that there was potential for criminal activity to be going on at BES Utilities? Is it not your duty as a solicitor to report it, if you suspect criminal activity, and cease acting for the client, in the interests of justice?  

I was never aware and am still not aware of any criminal activity. I merely acted on instruction. You are clearly not a journalist, as you don’t know the law!

(It cannot be true Lister only acted on instruction, when the letter says he has advised his clients relating to Trading Standards? Surely he must have taken time to think about the TS investigation, and how best to swerve Pilley out of being sent back to prison?)

I also have emails from Andy Pilley directly to Trading Standards?

I suggest you contact Mr Pilley for a comment on that!

Have tried, no comment. So would like to make any comment on the letters and emails you personally sent?

No most certainly not!

(What a shame, he openly commented about most other BES related issues)

Well thank you for your time Mr Lister have a good evening

LISTER HANGS UP…………………………….

So there you have it! If you don’t think Bill Lister is bent, he is certainly incompetent!

I wonder what the SRA will say when they hear the recording and listen to him bang on about client privilege and confidentiality before breaking this very rule time and time again?

I hope Trading Standards taken action against Lister for his attempts to interfere with their legitimate and much needed investigation! I also hope they will take action against him for all the people and small businesses he tried to intimidate for simply speaking the truth! I also hope the SRA will strike Lister off for either being bent or incompetent?

So: Is Bent Bill Lister’s career as a solicitor over? My feeling is he will be taking ‘early retirement’ before he can be struck off as a solicitor, and will be getting a big fat pension from Field Fisher while they attempt to cover up the embarrassment of employing him.

Either way, his position as a CEDR accredited mediator, respected and trusted person/solicitor/lawyer is clearly untenable.

Would you still hire this idiot?


6 thoughts on “Is Bent Bill Lister’s career as a solicitor over?”

  1. I wonder what Field Fisher have to say about Mr Bill using their facilities in a personal capacity? My thoughts are they’d support their staff, however he is of the retiring age..

  2. Lister is ranked a Band 3 in the Intellectual Property, of Chambers and Partners 2017 – and that’s in the North West! So you’re kind of be scraping the barrel hiring him.

    That said, Damian Carter of Berg isn’t even listed in Chambers and Partners, that’s how impressive he is….

  3. Bill is still intimidating small businesses and thinks he is above the law. Karma is around the corner waiting for him.

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