BES Utilities RAIDED!

BES Utilities RaidedThats right folks, the BES Utilities Offices have been RAIDED this morning, around 11am/12pm 28th July 2016.

Information is still coming in, but this has been confirmed by multiple anonymous sources including the Blackpool Gazette.

A spokesman for National Trading Standards said:

“Warrants have been executed today at various properties in Lancashire as part of an investigation into allegations regarding the mis-selling of energy contracts to business customers. This has seen a number of premises searched, including offices located at Fleetwood Town Football Club.”

A spokesman for BES Utilities said:

“Officials from Trading Standards and Lancashire Police today visited the officers of BES Utilities in Fleetwood and Commercial Power in Bispham, Blackpool. We are fully co-operating with their enquiries and have no further statement to make at this stage.”

I will pad this article out as info is confirmed.

UPDATE: 15:45pm – The social world is starting to heat up about the news, and its also finding its way to news outlets further afield;

Lancashire Evening Post

Stay tuned 🙂

35 thoughts on “BES Utilities RAIDED by the POLICE and TRADING STANDARDS!”

  1. I love how the spokesman for BES says that Police and Trading Standards “visited”. It just goes further to show some of the misleading bullshit these guys come up with.

    What is correct to say is the Police turned up with Warrants in hand, and prepared to bash the door in – and no doubt stormed in yelling “POLICE” before making sure nobody hit the delete button on any of Pilley’s computers.

    Pilley though Bill Lister at Field Fisher and Damian Carter at Berg has spent the last 18 months threatening Trading Standards – so let’s hope he didn’t delete all the evidence?

  2. Pilley the crooked bastard should be locked up. We told Traiding Standards about the BES scam 7 years ago. If only they had acted sooner then many small businesses wouldn’t have went under. Better late than never I suppose. It’s made my day.

  3. Are trading standards aware of Action Energy and Power 4 Business that are essentially BES sales teams fronted by Chris Murphy and Ant McRorie ?
    These were set up for when this very raid happened. Also Card Saver prays upon BES customers too which is separate but still linked as it uses the same customer data. Let’s hope they get the recordings before the sale showing the lies in duping people into these five year contracts.

  4. Can’t you all see what is happening here?

    We are being targeted by people with an axe to grind!! Trading Standards, Ofgem, Lancashire Police the lot of them are conspiring against us!!

    I’m the victim in all this, not these hundreds of customers!!

    1. Sir
      How dare you pretend that you and your company have not abused, mistreated and financially screwed hundreds of customers, hounded by your bully boy tactics. The immorality of your stance is staggering, bizarre and grotesque. You must be taught a major lesson in morality in that you quite obviously have lost all sense of what is right in business.
      You must have your operating licence revoked, and according to a legal advisor to the British government, that is what will happen if you fail to take notice and stop this ludicrous and disingenuous claptrap you so extravagantly spew out with abandon!


    2. What a pathetic lying crook you are pilley
      When your in court facing charges do you think the judge will find that your a victim?
      Not for a moment, you will be be doing time again.
      And that axe you talk of, you forged it and now you will see how sharp you made it.
      I lost my business and £250k along with it. I lost my health. I’m not young anymore, but you continued to pursue me to bankruptcy knowing I don’t work and trying to support my family on benefits on my own, literally putting my life at risk through stress. All that said I know you don’t give a crap.
      Just remind me who is the victim again!

      1. they even messed up and didn’t release the previous owners contract and added all the usage with fkn huge out of contract prices onto us and never let us go with another supplier. they are cheaters, looters and should be kicked out of licence and put behind bars. very upsetting chuthiya company in UK

  5. Any more news of this? My case against BES is still being investigated by the Ombudsman, it’s been with them since April!
    Yesterday I received a hand delivered letter of notice of intention to disconnect my service.
    Will be waiting for the follow up letter to appear at court.

    1. Hi my contract with them still going but i would like to move companys as they tryed scamed for £900 for electric on a small business and now i have a charge for £100 because i did not contact them in 5 days today had a letter saying they going to desconect the electric on my business because i own £250 this is not counting with £100 charge they decide to put on top please can anyone help as i really want to get out BES only give me and my business headache
      Also are they aloud to enter property without a court order?
      Many thanks

  6. I have been contacted by Utilitywise that say my contract with BES Elect and GAS is now over as they have ceased trading is there anyway I can verify this.

      1. BES will obviously lie say they had a ‘shut down day’. That’s if their phones work, which they didn’t while the computers were being carted off to the nick!

  7. Jealousy is a terrible thing, people trying to bring down entrepreneurs simply because they cannot achieve the same success. If you want to look at businesses being crippled by energy prices why not target the big 6 instead of independent businesses who provide employment to hundreds of locals in a deprived area.

    Find something better to do with your time

    1. Dear anonymous
      Jealousy has nothing to do with it. Andy pilley, Michelle Davidson, the chapman twins, Patrick Newell and the whole BES Utilities/independent brokers empire is built on serious fraud
      The ‘big 6’ have been brilliant with us since our horror time with BES Utilities
      How many times do we hear ‘but they employ so many locals in a deprived area’
      That it not a valid argument when they are ripping off businesses all over the country and have put people out of business. The amout of damage country wide far outweighs local ‘Jeff’ being scamming people and buying a new BMW with the commission
      BES UTILITIES scam businesses into contracts.
      Charge extortionate rates.
      Make deliberate mistakes to removes huge sums from accounts. Have deliberately bad customer service. Send in ex cons acting as court officials to collect no existent debts.Sell personal details Threatens anyone who questions them with legal action.
      Outright lie to customers
      And much much more

  8. The scales of justice are finally putting an end to a reign of terror in the commercial energy market, carried out by amoral business practices of the most cruel, draconian and dishonest kind. That so many people have been offended, damaged and beggared by the dark, cloven hoofed shensnigans of an entity obsessed with obtaining money by any means, is a testament to the depraved depths some people will sink to, in their compulsive orgy of greed.

    It must stop!


    1. So he’s a numpty too?

      I guess less chance of Patrick’s brother going to prison on a fraud charge?

      I’m looking forward to this week’s Mail on Sunday. Just saying….

      1. I believe he is trying to sue the police and trading standards because of the lost business and has told staff he’s not bothered and was waiting for it.
        They police and trading standards didn’t manage to get into Chris Murphy and Action Energy as he hid under a desk and the staff went out the back door. Seems a lot have re located to the new place Poolfoot Farm. The broker Energy Search and Card Saver are now there!! He seems to be winning the cat and mouse game!!

  9. Pilley is always ‘trying’ to sue someone, and every time he does (or at least threatens to) he uses a different law firm to do so. It must be obvious to them what is going on (it is to all the lawyers on the ‘other side’). All those letters he has been sending out I am sure will end up in the safe hands of the trial Judge if/when Pilley is charged, and his sentence will reflect his attempt to conceal his crimes.

    Pilley’s issue is that he is over confident in his own position. For example, what makes him think Trading Standards needed to raid his offices in order to secure a criminal conviction?

    It’s interesting what you say about Chris Murphy, I would have thought the Warrants would allow forced entry? At the end of the day, if they have to, the Police/TS can get a Warrant to the phone providers and get the incoming calls from there to listen to the scripture of the pressure sales.

    Sooner or later Pilley will have to decide whether he admits the charges TS/Police are likely to put to him and spend maybe 3 years in prison – or take it to trial, have all of his attempted concealment exposed, and if found guilty probably have the maximum sentence of 10 years, particularly in view of his previous criminal record for fraud.

  10. Andy Pilley and the slime that work with him deserve ALL that is coming to them !!!
    I will not stop fighting until people like them are stopped from trading.
    BES scammed and drove businesses to the wall. They drove us into not being able to carry on.
    I will make sure in my efforts that everyone knows what they are up to.
    They are breaking laws and using lies and intimidation to steal money due to contracts that don’t have a leg to stand on !!
    I hope they get the book thrown at them !!!!

    1. “Toby” you muppet. Thank God for people like Olly & Neil willing to fight your precious ickle Pilley-Willy (the scumbag that he is!). Hope your enjoying those nice comfy chairs at BES HQ while you can – you won’t be there for much longer!

  11. Hi Olly, it’s not just this bunch of cretins that need investigating, my wife’s business was targeted early last year too, fortunately she had already made a new contract with British Gas just before Christmas the year before so when they came on to her lying to her that they were from British Gas and knew so many details of her account, obtained by social engineering tricks with the big 6, and that she had been mis-sold that contract by BG, so they (BG) had to give her a ‘genuine’ best quote for a new contract, you can guess the rest. Fortunately, BG refused the transfer and thanks to help and advice from Citizens advice, Newtons solicitors and Wikipedia, your good selves (Neil and forum contributors) etc we had BES’s ‘contract’ revoked. We obtained a ‘copy’ of the audio contract and Trading Standards sent it off for analysis as we knew it to be fake. The result from the Doctor and Professor who analysed the recording deemed it to be correct, stating things such as ‘there is no ENF information available in the recordings’ etc!!! As an electronics engineer of nearly 35 years experience I then analysed the recordings, had those results checked by EUR ING and PhD level co-workers and by an audio expert who does work for the likes of Lady GaGa and found nearly twenty types of evidence PROVING that the recordings were fabricated, hence it’s also the ‘independent audio analysis experts’ at (name of company available if required) that need investigating as their report is laughable and this man also appeared on national TV about forensic audio analysis techniques! I didn’t bother pursuing the matter as it was quite obvious that if these supposedly trusted people have been got at, who are also geographically close to the Pilley empire, then it was pointless trying to put the record straight.
    Thank you for providing genuine business people an extremely valuable resource and it’s quite obvious to everyone who the detractors to your site are because the only people who would be looking at these pages are people with a vested interest in the case.

  12. Are there any updates on this? Is it possible to have the contract revoked? BES quoted me a cheaper tariff but from the start were more expensive and have put up their prices in less than a year. I am paying so much more per month! They also estimated my first bill at over £600, and took it from my bank, when all I owed them was £35! I can’t wait to be rid of them they have caused me so much stress over this past year, not to mention when they hounded me at the beginning to change my supplier to them. If only I knew then what I know now!!

  13. I’ve too suffered at the hands of BES, we’ve had 2 gas leaks within a year, both times leaking from the actual meter and then pumped up bills of over £350 a month when in actual fact we use around £45 – £55 a month. They refuse to give any kind of refund even though the meter is put in place by them and paid for on a daily basis as part of the standing rate, they’re trying to pass the blame onto the National Grid but I have no legal contract with NG and they themselves said it is something BES would have to sort out. Now I’m in the middle of going through the Ombudsman service to try to get a result from two incidents that could of killed everyone in the shop!

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