BES Utilities – Breach legal agreement with Ofgem – still scamming DAILY

Well, the whole BES dispute has lasted years now, literally!

In November 2015, Ofgem said (surprise surprise) that BES had:

  • Admitted it breached its Licence Terms (first time Pilley has ever told the truth in his life)
  • Breached multiple license conditions
  • Mislead customers
  • Failed to provide adequate customer service
  • Known about the breaches for 5 years and did nothing to stop it
  • Become complacent about “disproportionally high” complaints
  • That Pilley, Chapman, Newell, Lister and the other dodgy BES lot drafted documents and terms of business that failed to comply with Ofgem’s licence conditions.

(NB: I received a letter from Bill Lister at Field Fisher threatening with Libel Proceedings for merely suggesting that BES had probably breached their license conditions – whos laughing now billy boy?!)

Ofgem said as punishment for being completely incompetent at running an energy company (a cover for perpetrating mass fraud) that they signed a legal agreement, which said BES must:

  • Compensate customers who were affected by the breaches to the tune of £311,000
  • Write to their customers explaining these breaches
  • Offer contract termination (although the contracts are legally null and void)
  • Improve their customer services

So with all this in mind you would think BES would be offering compensation to customers, dropping customers out of ‘contracts’ and improving their Customer Services?

Well, this doesn’t appear to be the case, and here is why:


We have asked over 50 businesses if they have been offered compensation by BES. The answer that has come back is NO. We have put in a Freedom of Information Request to Ofgem asking for the specific number of customers BES have offered compensation to – the answer being ZERO!  

Our old friend Rob, who asked BES to compensate his wife’s businesses’ losses, as she was unable to open the shop on time, solely due to BES actions, has contacted us. Rob got a letter from TRAINEE solicitor Jessica Bennett (also known as ‘Frosty Knickers’ to be people who have to deal with her), saying that there was no reason in law to offer compensation, and asked Rob to particularise his claim. An odd comment to make, when Ofgem said BES had to offer compensation if BES had caused loss/damage to businesses. But hey, she’s only a TRAINEE.

So it seems that the compensation package BES agreed with Ofgem, BES have failed to adhere to. No customers (to our knowledge) have been offered compensation. But would you trust a company ran by the convicted fraudster Andy Pilley?

‘Contract’ Termination

Well it seems the purported contract BES claim to have isn’t being terminated either – as also highlighted in the freedom of information request we put in.

We have been in receipt of countless emails from customers who have lodged complaints with BES. They have received letters from TRAINEE solicitor Jessica Bennett (also described by someone on the blog as “the dullest person on the planet”), saying:

our position is that you remain within the 5 year contractual agreement which you entered into…

– Jessica ‘Frosty Knickers’ Bennett, Trainee Solicitor (and dullest person on the planet)

 That doesn’t sound very much like BES are releasing customers from contracts, as they agreed with Ofgem, does it? But would you trust a company ran by someone that has been to prison for fraud? (Yep, Andy Pilley has been inside for stealing cheques off old people and cashing them in)

Customer Service

Seems BES continue to have a backlog on complaints too. Our friend Matt sent a letter to BES in November, and received no response!

Likewise, we have heard from too many businesses to count, that their emails and letters are not being responded to.

We’ve also heard that BES take forever to answer the phone! Sarah told us that BES informed her that this was a childish blog* – though it seems they didn’t deny and of the factual information on here, so they clearly accept what is said is all true.

There is however some good news on the horizon – emails are being answered! Louise Atherton (if she even is a real person??) has been writing to customers saying:

  • I am trying to extort tens of thousands of pounds from BES via blackmailing them
  • That a good friend of mine is setting up his own energy company in competition with BES

She also threatens that if the customer complains to Ofgem or Trading Standards, they may end up in a legal dispute. Obviously this is horse sh!t.

After this initial email, the contact stops – and again, unfortunately but unsurprisingly, BES will stop responding to complaints.

So it seems, BES have failed to buck up their ideas in customer services – as they agreed to do with Ofgem. They’re also telling enormous lies, falsehoods, and completely misleading customers. But would you trust a company ran by someone who lied under oath about how his company wasn’t linked to the brokers that were scamming people?

And Finally

So it’s clear that BES Utilities won’t even comply with terms they’ve agreed with their regulator.

Personally, I’m surprised Ofgem let them keep their license; they’re clearly incapable of running a professional outfit. But in fairness, they are pretty good at running a professional criminal gang.

So, don’t think for a minute that Ofgem’s intervention has done a thing to give BES Utilities the kick up the ass they deserve. If anything, Pilley is glad Ofgem are no longer scrutinising his office – so he can carry on and defraud even more people with his new water company, BES Water. I predict major droughts if BES get this water license!

BES Customer Services WILL bullshit you, and tell blatant lies about my friend and I, because we’re actually helping customers get out of contracts. BES Legal will refuse to terminate you purported contract, and they will refuse you any compensation.

BES Utilities have done nothing but show complete and utter contempt for the legal agreement that they have with Ofgem, which they have clearly breached.

The question you have to ask yourself, is will they comply with any agreement a small business/customer agrees with them – when they don’t bother to keep agreements with Government Bodies?

The best thing to do is get out of your BES contract – and get as far away from these fraudsters as possible!

Good Luck!


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4 thoughts on “BES Utilities – Breach legal agreement with Ofgem – still scamming DAILY”

  1. I’m at a loss !!
    How?? How do they get away with this?
    Oh hang on , actually they don’t.
    No spoilers though!
    Let’s just hope the shaky crew feel right at home in small questionable accommodation
    Coming soon to a prison near you!
    No really!!

  2. I am one of their customers (both for electricity and telephones) – we have been overcharged on electricity since the contract started even though I gave them a starter reading and 2 further readings (online) during the last year. I have asked for the money back (we are a small business and need the money for other things) by writing to the MD early last week and have heard nothing. Although the constant, sometimes 2 emails per week asking for a meter reading, have suddenly stopped. How do I get our money back and how do I get out of this awful contract?

    1. Hi Linda, writing to their MD will make no difference as the company is working as he wants it do.

      See this from their website:

      Hopefully you should get correspondence from them soon, I’d look over the information on this site and see if any is of use to you. Read over the terms of the Direct Debit:

      If you’re being incorrectly billed the invoice will be wrong and so the direct debit amount will be incorrect. You are within your rights under the terms to request your bank return the amount each time. As I’m sure you’ll agree, you do have to pay for the fuel you have used and should calculate what you consider to be the correct amount so far.

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