INSIDE SCOOP | BES Utilities and the Brokers | EXPOSED!

It looks like someone at BES Utilities HQ recently got a telling off or is getting sick of the things they are asked to do, as I recently received this slab of juicy information from a current BES Utilities Employee.

Grab some popcorn, here it goes;

Andy Pilley is the real boss and everything is shared at Darwin Court where the offices are. Commercial Power, Commercial Reduction Services and Energy Search all work from the same building. HR cover all the companies and data is shared between all. This includes bank details and other personal details. Massive data protection breach. The servers next to Andy Pilleys office prove everything as it is all recorded and shared there. The clock in machine has Commercial Power / Energy Search on the display!


Pilley has set two more companies up like Energy Search and two young employees are fronting them for him. The first is Power4Business Ltd fronted by Antony McCrorie (who is on the private jet picture). This is based in Blackburn. There is another new business called Action Energy LTD which is fronted by Chris Murphy and is based on Whitehills Business Park in Blackpool.

Oh dear oh dear. Pilley is roping young lads into this mess by (probably) promising them some warm sweaty man love or something equally as gross in return for them putting these scam broker companies in their names. Oh deary me.

Also at BES they have been told to give no refunds to customers who are in credit until February because of cash flow reasons.

LOL – its because they were fined £1million by Ofgem recently, for, get this, SCAMMING PEOPLE INTO CONTRACTS! Who’d’av’thunk’it!

Ofgem are informed that BES themselves have no sales team. There are two!! BES change of tenancy who sign customers with BES back to BES, BES retentions who sign customers back onto 5 year agreements a full one year before the contract end date. These are managed by Stuart Kelton who is officially an employee of Commercial Reduction Services but based at Fleetwood’s BES offices in the memorial stand.

Sounds like an overly complex setup to intentionally throw people off that may be investigating them for, lets say, being lying cheating bastards?

Card Saver is the latest scam which charges over double what normal card providers charge and sign them into a 4 year lease for a terminal that’s worth only £300 and charged £30 a month over 4 years!! They also operate here without a consumer credit license which they need.

Oh wow. So not only are they lying cheating scamming bastards, they are also selling card processing services without the correct licences? That is so unlik…. oh wait.

Graham Aspinall is head of compliance and knows everything about how closely all the brokers and BES work! Getting all the recordings from Darwin Court would prove massive data protection breaches and also prove how all customers are lied to and ripped off.

I’d love to get these recordings. If this anonymous poster gets pissed off at work again – please WeTransfer them to me 🙂

CRS do the renewals and they make up inflated rates to sign customers to BES. These again are all recorded! They use another broker called Electricity Renewals as they still have an account with Eon. This is just to get the contract end date and put termination in. When termination is accepted they mysteriously get a call from CRS to sign to BES! Electricity Renewals Ltd is now a dissolved company that Andy Pilley was a director of!

Wow. Lies upon lies, scams upon scams & I get the impression that this is simply the tip of the iceberg.

If you have an inside story from BES Utilities, Fleetwood Town Football Club or any of the related scam companies then please send them in via the contact form.

Thanks for reading, and please share share share 🙂

11 thoughts on “INSIDE SCOOP | BES Utilities and the Brokers | EXPOSED!”

  1. Sounds like you are a very jealous person with not much of a life.
    Instead of wasting your negative energy on secretly being in admiration for this guy!
    Why don’t you get a life and try and do something with it yourself.
    You will continue to have no monet and drive shit cars whilst guys like Andrew will be enjoying the finer things in life!!

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comment.

      If I were you I’d stop posting contradictory comments on someone’s website, and learn how to form correct sentences and speak English correctly before doing anything else with your life.

      I have never been a fan of art, so I have no desire to own anything by monet and my cars are absolutely bob on so I’m not sure if you should be questioning the source of your so called facts whilst you take further English lessons.

      Oh, and sounds like you’re the Pilley bummer, not me.

      Love and hugs xxx

      1. Ha ha thats funny – made me smile –
        I was typing it whilst trying to navigate the steering wheel in my Ferrari, my apolgies.
        I dont even know the guy
        Sounds like you worked at the company and failed
        Good luck with your English lecturing, may earn you enough to shop in Aldi !!

        1. Hahah ferrari. Sure.

          Ps well done for admitting to browsing and posting messages on the Internet while driving. Says a lot about your character.

          Also if you had actually read any of the content it’s blatantly obvious I never worked there, unlike you perhaps?

          Aldi is mint although I don’t think I could keep up the pace of those checkout assistants, however I don’t have to worry about that as I buy and sell shells to sea shell sellers on the seashore.

          Love, hugs and Eskimo kisses xxx

          1. Looks like “Mike” works for an energy broker… You should be more careful where you post messages from buddy. 😉


  2. Mike Jones to say that somebody is jealous of Mr Pilley because they expose the scam networks is nonsense, business people who earn their money honestly deserve the rewards .
    Many people now Know of the scams going on with thanks to people like Olly , by the way you can have all the money in the world and still be a Knob.

  3. Have reported Action Energy Ltd. 19 consecutive calls off your numpty boy Billy, hope Trading Standards go right through your dodgy setup. Don’t know who you/your business – but your a fkg nuisance

  4. Pilley may enjoy the finer things for a few years. But what happens when the net closes in? Pilley is under a massive criminal investigation. If he’s found guilty and/or BES is shut down as a result that will leave in the region of 350 unemployed in the Fleetwood area, and potentially leave many of those unemployed with criminal records.

    I have a rough idea of the demographic of the people who work for Pilley, I’d estimate a good 90% are under 3o, maybe even 25 – many with young children and babies. If he thinks these people won’t squeal when they’re interviewed under caution for fear of a criminal record/prison – I’d be very surprised, especially if they know their place of work may be a place of work anymore….

    1. It will be Pilley squealing first to cut a deal , he will try and shift the blame with the help of a very well paid barrister who will make him squeal with the cost .
      Hard time in the big house that man canny do , crying in dock wont work this time around blaming invisible others ,the boys got form.

    2. If criminal prosections are brought against the scam network it will be a big pay day in the legal profesion ,to which the are getting very well known.
      AS one of the ringleaders of the Great train robbery said when asked how much he got away with he said, not as much as the barristers.

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