BES Utilities / Energy – Follow up – SCAM

EDIT: We caught them SCAMMING a business owner! Watch the Video HERE!

Spoke to a like-minded individual regarding BES and their tactics yesterday, and during the conversation I noticed that the original blog post I wrote didn’t contain anything relating to the saga that came after the initial mis-selling.

I managed to find the email complaint I sent to the Energy Ombudsman, so this should fill you in regarding the level of BS I’ve had to deal with thanks to BES Utilities AKA BES Commercial Electricity, BES Commercial Gas and BES Telecom;

“I have just been called by a guy called Craig in “Pre-disconnections” at BES Energy.

He has rung to inform me that our energy supply will be disconnected due to non payment of an overdue amount.

To summarise – I’m not paying an amount to BES that they seem to have fabricated from thin air. I have asked for proof in the form of a statement more than 3 times now but the people i have spoken to from BES have been unwilling to progress my call to customer services and simply want to steal my money from me. Let me go into more detail…..

I have spoken to;

Chelsea on 2/12/13 @ 10:00am and informed her a bill for £299.98 for ONE MONTHS usage was ridiculous, and that I had got my bank to return the money and cancel the direct debit until a bill with ACTUAL readings came through. I gave her actual readings at this point.

Then I spoke to Mia on 3/12/13 @ 11:30am as she was chasing non payment of this initial invoice despite my hour long conversation with Chelsea the day before – i ended up paying £70 off over the phone, and informed her i wouldn’t pay more until our invoices were based on ACTUAL readings, not hugely over-ESTIMATED readings.

On 12/12/13 i received another invoice, this time the charge for “this period” was -£5.99 which to my understanding was due to the fact I’d already paid £70, and my usage since day dot until the 15/12/13 was overpaid by £5.99 hence the negative balance.

We received another invoice on 15/01/2014 with an amount owing of £44.92 which was based on an ACTUAL reading, and was one i was happy to (and did) pay.

Similarly with the invoice 21/01/2014 – the amount was (a big high, but) based on ACTUAL usage, so we cleared this one up (as far as I’m aware anyway)

I then spoke to Laura on the 24/01/2014 @ 13:47 as she was chasing non payment of an amount owing in the region of £200 – i explained to her, and subsequently THREE other people that called, that i wasn’t prepared to send £200+ to BES energy, unless i could clearly see how this amount had been accrued on a statement based on actual usage (not estimated usage)

Both Laura and the other people that rang me were stubborn, unfriendly and would not transfer me to customer services so i could get them to issue me with a statement of actual usage and one showing where this amount had come from.

I have tried over 10 times to call BES but i can only come to the conclusion that their lack of customer service skills and disgusting sales tactics result in their phone lines being jammed all day every day.

I have raised this situation with the energy ombudsman because i feel that BES are bullying me into paying them an amount of money – of which they are not prepared to prove to me how and when this apparent debt was accrued.

I think i have been very accommodating and reasonable with this situation, and simply want to see a statement from the start of this farce until the present day showing actual usage of energy. If i receive this information, and based on the meter readings it states (and that i will cross reference with photographs i took of the meter every single Monday morning before any appliances were turned on) if this indicates to me that an amount is actually owed to BES i would be happy to get this resolved.

I am – in no way – prepared to send my hard earned money to BES without the aforementioned document.”

Email 2;

“Just to let you know, i got the termination letter this morning and the amount it said we owed was £71.41, not the £229.98 they had previously suggested.

I rang early and actually got through to customer services to question why this amount had changed, she said it was still £229.98 owed and wasn’t sure where the £71.41 had come from, so looked into it and when she came back to me i was informed that she had noticed an issue on the account and it appears that their “system” had not recalculated my bill properly when they got actual readings about 5 months ago.

I am now awaiting another letter or phone call from them to let me know what they find. I have also asked Sarah in customer services that if it does turn out to be an error on their end and i don’t owe them the £229.98 (as i have been saying all along) then i want a full written letter of apology from their management.

I would still very much like to move away from them though, and move to a company that have better systems in place for dealing with issues like this if they are to arise in future.”

After my complaint was lodged, they then fumbled about trying to silence me with pointless spreadsheets that claimed to be the information i seek. They also took £100’s out of my bank account which i managed to get returned from my bank but that got more threats from BES Energy/Utilities including phone calls from pushy “Disconnection agents” and letters left right and center.

All I wanted was Energy bills with ACTUAL readings on – I wasn’t asking for blood!

Another thing that has bothered me about the case, is the fact that every time I canceled the Direct Debit (to stop them taking chunks out my account) they would contact me and tell me that I was now on a higher rate due to my decision to pay manually. I’m pretty sure its up to me how I pay my bills and shouldn’t be penalised for my choice?

I started taking my own readings each week and calculating how much I should be charged based on the rate I was given and the standing charge etc – after a few months of the Smart meter taking accurate readings and my bills coming through as expected, I backed off and allowed the process to be automated via D/D again and carried on with my life.

Last week I happened to open a energy bill that was £100+ which is much higher than normal – and so I shall once again attempt to get out of contract with BES to go with a more well-known transparent commercial energy company

If anyone would like help or assistance getting out of contract with BES Utilities or requires help on the matter, please read my other blog post about the subject too – and get in touch via the comments and I can put you in touch with people who feel as annoyed as you do about being ripped off and scammed by BES.

BES Utilities Complaints

EDIT: We caught them SCAMMING a business owner! Watch the Video HERE!

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  1. Unfortunately as per Section F.3 of the BES Terms and Conditions they are within those terms in theory justified by swapping you to ‘default’ rates non-direct debit payment – but I presume that was explained to you clearly on the phone before you entered into the contract?

    The relevant condition of the Electricity Supply License in respect of your complaint is 27.2A which states:

    “Any difference in terms and conditions as between payment methods for paying Charges for the Supply of Electricity shall reflect the costs to the supplier of the different payment methods”

    This would infer that the only charge permissible by the terms of the license for you to pay would be the cost (only) of the bank charges….. Because I am a details man I found out that LLoyds are BES’ bankers, and on the assumption your preference would be a BACS payment they charge £0.10 for accept a BACS payment – or FREE if you are on the Electronic Tariff.

    However, having seen a few of the BES rates – it seems that the difference between a Contract (which you pay on Direct Debit) and a Default rate range from around 4p – 10p per unit….. In other words if you clock up say 2,000kwH per month this is an £80 levy (using the 4p difference) for paying BACS……..which appears to be a further breach of License Conditions as per the condition stated above….

    Hopefully this is something else Ofgem can look into!

  2. I just took over a small warehouse. The previous tenant ‘Cornwall Automotive Electronics’ had left a pile of unpaid bills and no forwarding address. I decided to open all of the mail and call everyone to sort things out. I explained carefully the situation to the SW Water Board, several miscellaneous electronic parts suppliers, Cornwall County Council rates Dept, and a company called BES Utilities. I’m still arguing with BES Utilities. they are hopeless. they didn’t transfer the electricity account to EDF as I requested on 1st Nov 2014 despite me giving them a meter reading. They claimed EDF had never approached them, despite EDF trying three times to transfer the account. they have delibrately held up the transfer and are now sending me the bills for Cornwall Automotive Electronic, a company I have no connection with. Even worse, they are insisting I have a deemed contract with them with a standing charge of £1.50 per day. The unit is for storage only with virtually no power usage.
    I utterly reject their deemed contract, their delaying tactics, their incompetence in associating me with another company and a standing charge which is utterly outrageous. I’ve wasted a lot of time on phone calls and yet the situation seems to be deteriorating rather than becoming resolved. Be very wary of BES. I shall never recommend them to anyone based on my experience so far.

    1. Sorry to hear you’ve had problems.

      Thanks for sharing your story and best of luck fighting them!

      If you are struggling with anything send me a message through the contact form and i can forward it on to a few people with far more knowledge about all this than me.

      1. BES utilities have billed me £480 for 3 weeks worth of electricity dispite the fact I only run lighting in the premises, dispite pointing out that the dates of the bill is wrong and the meter number never mind meter readings are wrong , I apparently must pay them this bill .
        I’ve cancelled my direct debit as am not paying this bill and sick of spending hours on the phone to customers services

          1. I am currently going through the very same thing we all need to fight them together. Sending people to my shop threatening to cut me off in 48 hours I was bullied into reinstating my DD to prevent this happening. I really don’t know what to do. The ombudsmen got back to me in less than 24 hours when I emailed them for help so I’m sending them what they need in the mean time I have to live with the stress of knowing I might lose my business. Why are they allowed to prey on small innocent business.

      2. Hi mate a friend of mine is having serious trouble with BES on the commercial electricity side of things they’re pulling bills from thin air and taking payments £500+ from his account every month just wondered if there is anyone you can point in the right direction with. Thanks

    2. we are all getting ripped off by this company, everybody needs to group together against them. lets issue a group complaint in the courts and split the costs . They are criminals and i will call them that openly in court !

    3. I had a very similar problem. The only difference, I am the landlord, and they have doubled the charge of £1.50 per day to £4.50 per day. Like you at the first request, the account wasn’t transferred, so it took an extra month.

    4. I only wish I had read there reviews before I went with them been trying for a year now for them to sort there smart MeTerry out my bills are constantly higher every month my bills keep going good up and up and even when I give them a manual reading it comes out as a estimate. I have asked so many times to be released and they want £1800 Robbing Sods I would highly recommend you give this company a very wide birth

  3. Unfortunately Martin this is called Transfer Blocking, and BES are under investigation by Ofgem for it.

    As Olly and I know full well, BES are incapable of telling the truth; they are liars and will arrive at some of the most illogical and implausible excuses to attempt to defer their actions.

    Unfortunately you are in what is known as a deemed contract, but delaying tactics such as the ones you describe are entirely BES’ way of holding you into expensive contracts such as this against your will.

    If I were you I’d speak to EDF and explain its a Change of Tenancy. BES have no right legally to hold you in contract in this respect. If you have no luck, you are more then justified in taking BES to court to claim your costs for their obvious delaying tactics.

    I can also supply you several hundred witness statements which complain of the same issues – so balance of probability a Judge will without doubt rule in your favor 🙂

  4. Hi, I own a small café and used BT and Scottish power. When the Scottish power contract came to an end I was contacted by BES utilities. I sign with them. Shortly after that I was contacted by BES telecom (though a broker as I am now led to believe) asking if I would like telecoms from them. I explained to them I paid approx. £30 a month for 1 line and internet use for my customers. I would not be prepared to pay more. I was assured I would not pay more. What a scam. First bill was £46 fine I though perhaps there is connection charges etc. Second bill £106. Immediately complained and was told it was usage charges…. reluctantly took out a more expensive contract at £50 a month and said I had been miss sold a contract with them as this one was not what I was told I was getting. I then received a bill for £163. I was livid and called telling them I would not pay them and they had to sort this out. They Knew I was not paying until it was sorted out and there was no mention of going on to another tariff if I cancelled the direct debit. Again today another bill for £174. Spent another 25 minutes on the phone to their complaints department who told me I was now on their standard tariff for cancelling my direct debit. This is crazy… I have gone from paying slightly over £30 a month to this complete nonsense for the same service. I said to the fairly useless person at the customer services that I need someone to call me now who had the authority to rectify this. All he would say is do you want to reinstate your direct debit facility. I have to wait 24-48 hours to talk to a supervisor. If I reinstate my DD they will take huge amounts from my account. This is what’s called holding ransom.

    Our café is a small café, small business and they are seriously on the take. Their Utilities are not much better……

    Can anyone help…

  5. Martin Edwards,
    Get in touch with the manager of the Change Of Tenancy Team Mike Hale, don’t speak to anyone else on the team they will probably tell you that a manager callback can take upto 24 hours ….just wait for the call, log every call made as they record all calls.
    Thet will want to verify the C.O.T once they have had all paperwork in ie tenancy agreement/leasehold agreement and done all there checks you should then be free to shop around to chose your preferred supplier .
    A supplier can put you onto a deemed tariff/ out of contracted rate ,these rates are higher until a contract is agreed .
    Ask Mike Hale what is needed to verify the account, ask if the previous occupant called and advised he/she was leaving and see if a final read was rec’d.

  6. The issue is Barney, BES either do one of two things;

    i) Tell you that the COT needs to be verified/countersigned and stamped by a qualified solicitor, which is nonsense and set up to cause further delay from releasing the contract.

    ii) When you do get round to step i, claim not to have had it, loose it or any other variable to avoid releasing the contract….

    Dealing with BES need tough measures, and I would never correspond with them over the phone, always writing.

  7. Received a call from BES Commercial Gas yesterday, 16.03.15, we stopped using this company in 2012. Lady called Emily told me that we were due a refund from 2010 for £350.05 and could she have our bank account details. Being wary of giving out such detail over the phone I said i would call back on the 17.03.15. I took the phone number from my caller display phone and was also given an 0844 number. Both these numbers are legitimate and concur with the website for BES.
    When i called back at first the customer service person denied anyone had called offering a refund and denied anyone called Emily worked at BES. Then they told me they couldn’t discuss the account with me as i wasn’t named on the account.
    Funnily enough we changed company name only on 01.12.15 and BES have the account under this new name for some reason. However since the name change i have been plagued with calls from an 01525 number telling me our current supplier has cancelled our tariff due to a tenancy change at our address and demanding, quite rudely that we look at moving our supply contract. Coincidence …………..
    I now have to get a director to email BES so that i can discuss the account I manage!

  8. In my opinion I was mis-sold a contract with BES because in 2010 I was contacted by one of their agents saying he was calling for my payment details, as I had already arranged electric supply from EON, I asked on a number of occasions during this telephone call “are you from EON”, as had been dealing with a lady called Hannah, his reply was ” Yes, Hannah was off sick and he was dealing with this account today”. He lied about who he was, which company he worked and the contract.

    The first I knew that I was with BES was when I received the first bill, a month later, I complained to BES at this time, told BES how I was conned into this contract, was told “we no longer use these agents”, and was told there was nothing that could be done. As at this point I was told it was a 2yr contract I decided just to put up with it. November 2012 had arranged transfer of my electric to EON, then received phone call from BES to say that I could not move my account because I had a 4yr contract, at this time again I made a complaint to them that I would never had agreed to a 4yr contract as I only had a 3yr lease, I also at this time told BES that I had never received a contract from yourselves, in November 2012 BES sent me a contract. I had no response to my complaints from BES. Only calls and emails from their solicitor (only once after I explained the situation) and now from Commercial Recovery company.

    Any help or advise would be welcome.

  9. BES was our supplier with our previous business, when this closed in Nov 2013, I rang them to inform them , they told me as I was on 5 yr contract I would have to move this contract to my new business when it opened in Jan 2014. so I rang them in Jan, assuming I was continuing my previous contract, as I could not get out of it. but no they started me on a new 5 yr contract without my knowledge. this was mis leading and a con. in March 15 I rang them to find out how much it would be to get out of the contract as I had been with them 2 and half year, they said £22000, I was so shocked. I wrote to the ombudsman, and BES to ask to be let out of the contract, as they have been unfair, misleading, they tricked and lied to me. on the 24/3/15 they emailed me to allow me out of the contract immediately. but refused to admit any blame..

  10. I got a text messages from BES that I am due for a refund from my old business. All the details I sent was right. Is it a SCAM?

  11. Hi Jason,

    You never know it could be true – were you actually in contract with BES?

    My advise would be to call them, and if it is true have them write you a cheque? I would NEVER give them my bank account details!

  12. I have to many bad experience with this company and i have reported them to ombudsmen and ofgem and they seems not to have been able to do anything about my complain, All i need now is to leave this so called scam company called BES Electricity can anyone tell me how to go about leave them as they have claim am in 5yrs contract with them, Please i need to leave them ASAP, I don’t know why someone can not go off contract when you not happy with the provider…. PLS HELP [email protected] . Thanks

  13. These lot should be called B.E.PESTS

    it seems like when you register your company on companies house, duport etc, some little slime ball passes all your personal private contact details/numbers to business utilities and these rip off little energy companies like BES. Then they get to work…bombarding your phone non-stop, telling you how they beat all the best energy company rates on the market bla bla bla. When in reality they are ripping everyone off big time!

    I was mislead into signing up with them by this daft parrot on the phone. They read all the rights at 200 mph, so I couldn’t even understand what they were saying. The first bill for two weeks was for £500, Toe rags! I immediately cancelled my direct debit with them in 2011. Ever since they’ve been threatening and bombarding us with phone calls non stop, the staff are rude and not very helpful at all. I’ve tried cancelling my contract with them on numerous occasions and very rudely the staff there told me it is not possible.

    One young male I spoke to at BES was actually arguing with me and giving it the large’n down the phone to pay the bills, it was very unprofessional! He sounded like an ex-school nerd that finally has some authority in his life, talking hard while behind a phone at his job.

    My small business only had one small computer running a printer a light in two rooms, which was only on when the shop was open 9 til 4.
    No major appliances like cooker, microwave, fridge etc

    One day they sent electricians round to my business accompanied by G4s security. They then forced themselves into my premises and intimidated my staff, then proceeded to fit in a smart meter, which I thought wasn’t smart as they are still charging a bomb for the electric being used.

    at one point my business was closed for a month…..guess what…….they still charged me a big bill for electricity that hasn’t even been used…haha these guys are some right thieves I tell ya!

    i’ve approached Ombudsman to help resolve this matter and they were no help. These guys prey on new vulnerable business’s and I hope they get served the right way!

    Remember people BES isn’t a major energy company, we’re all paying for some assh*les cocktails and holiday cruises who doesn’t give two sh*@s.
    While we as hard working genuine business owners get robbed out of our money.

    We should join forces and get BES exposed. These low lives need to be on watch dog!

  14. Yay!

    I was conned into a contract with them 2 years ago. They impersonated my energy broker, then went on to impersonate the company I had intended to go with, Opus. “Opus” (aka BES/Commercial Energy ‘calling on Opus behalf’!!!) told me that it turns out our premises wasn’t suitable for a smart meter, so looked at another supplier. I had no idea I was entering into a verbal contract, or that it was for a freaking 60 MONTH contract with these con artists. My energy brokers, who have been fantastic, managed to work things out with Opus who were going to ask for a cancellation charge, but they were very understanding about the situation and didn’t charge me anything. I’m absolutely terrified of doing or saying anything to BES in case they find some BS reason to charge me more. I’m just going to have to play nice and give them my monthly meter reading and wait it out. They overcharged me to start with, so I kicked up a fuss and since then the monthly payments have been pretty steady, but I’m just waiting for a giant direct debit to go out without warning, then have to chase a refund for months.

    We’re all in contracts we don’t want to be and were mis-sold by these clowns, but there doesn’t seem to be anything the Ombudsman can do about it. Nightmare.

  15. My mum had a small business and she got into a contract to bes from a so called broker promising lower rates. They tied us in a 4 year contract with super high rates. I tried to get my mum to go to court with them but she didn’t want too ended up paying £1000 to solicitor and another £1500 to bes to cancel the contract….
    I just wanted to know if the findings from the investigation proof bes to be a bs company are we able to reclaim any monies?


  16. Haha classic they’ve pissed off a law firm…. I wonder if they’re threaten you with Libel Proceedings after you’ve called them “criminals”?

  17. Yes I would like to cancel my recent contract with BES, they’ve hounded us with calls, first bill for a month was over 200.00 for electric. Once I gave the meter reading they changed it. Never wanted to be with them, wanted to sign with Opus, but they continually refused the request from Opus for the gas. Just need to move from BES. Please help.

  18. Although alot of you may be unhappy with bes, please do not abuse the staff – there are very few jobs or industries in this area of the country and the majority of staff are young kids on their first jobs doing what they can to earn a living, it is not their fault you are unhappy with your supplier nor the cost, it is not fair to name staff on the internet for just doing their job – in an area where there is not alot of other options for job prospects then enter a relatively low paid one. Please remember that the girls who ring who are often being screamed at that they are ‘fucking whores who should die’ are still young girls, how would you feel if someone spoke to your daughter like that for doing her job!! In extremely deprived areas it is good that people are finding work, even if you do like what do or the comapny that they work for, so please show some respect for the staff if not the company!!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      I think you make a very good point in this respect. I have assumed for some time that Andy Pilley recruits young girls (and boys) straight from college or school, who are 18-25 and know no better than what they are told. I also agree with your point that this area (an old fishing town) is deprived of jobs, so Pilley is considered the local hero. To add insult to injury, he purposely frames himself as some form of charity guru, even going to outlandish lengths of setting up a ‘charity’ to supposedly help businesses in debt that cannot afford their energy bills – the irony of this is simply remarkable and WILL bite him in the behind.

      I am an outspoken critique of Mr Pilley, his sister and mates Qualter, Martindale, Chapman, Lister etc; I do not deny that, and I will fight until Pilley to the end, he preys on small businesses in the manner Neil Heffey describes, and I will justify my comments in whatever legal actions he tries to bring against me.

      However, as someone who is on the ‘receiving end’, I see over 15-20 complaints per week from this company. I’ve had people call me in tears; suffer anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts; lack of sleep; have over £7,000 removed from their bank accounts; and ultimately attempt to ruin small businesses. To top it all, Pilley abuses the libel laws to indiscriminately threaten complainants such as the aforementioned with Libel proceedings through his questionably straight lawyer.

      You will appreciate we are put in a difficult position in terms of determining who the real victims are.

      I am truly sorry to hear that young women are treated in the manner you describe. I can’t say it surprises me, Mr Pilley et all are clearly ruthless in who they indiscriminately treat so poorly, and genuinely if there is anything myself, Olly, or anyone else can do, we lend our sincerest arm for support, irrespective of your current (or ex) employers. By equal terms, we must stick to our principles of protecting small businesses from the criminal wrath of Mr Pilley, and I assure you I do so at quite potential vast cost to me.

      If you wish to make contact privately, we can arrange for you to speak to some parties that can help, I suggest you do so by emailing [email protected] all emails are treated as confidential, and will be sent to the appropriate authorities who can help.

      I am genuinely sorry and saddened to hear the situation you describe.

    2. Hi Jamie
      Having read your post, and I agree foul language and abusive overtones are not called for by any person.
      However having had extensive experience with BES and knowing first hand what an incredibly corrupt company it is, and to avoid doubt a Google search is evidence of this, one has to see that mr Pilley is in fact to blame for putting these young people in the firing line.
      It has to be said that a company who is being heavily investigated for fraud and other serious aligations can not be credited with respect!
      BES are what they are by design, mr Pilley formed his business model on miselling and to defraud it’s costomers, it cannot be defended.
      I would add that whatever hardships its staff suffer will be minute in comparison to what effects and loss on its customers have endured!

    3. Reply to ‘Jamie’ BES Utilities Employee or Pilley family member? Which broker did you work at first before transferring to BES?

      The very fact that you felt the need to google Bes, found this website and posted on the thread says it all really, but I shall continue

      Whilst I agree it is unfortunate ‘young girls’ are being shouted at. I myself had to deal with many of these ‘young girls’ and men. All of whom were unhelpful, surly, dismissive, rude and abusive at a time when I was in need of help. The fact that they get sworn at surely only tells you of peoples frustration and shear fear at dealing with your company.

      I was hounded by calls from Energy Search (as we now know set up by BES employees Ross Chapman and Dale Dixon) as many as 20 a day when trying to set up my new shop. Bes prey on the fact, that they know it’s a difficult and pressured time and use this to their advantage to proceed in FRAUD.

      I have possibly had the worst year of my life having to deal with BES. Your company scammed me into a 5 year contract, denied any knowledge of Energy search’s address or contact details, refused to release me from a blatantly miss sold contract, presented me with an edited recorded call, took weeks to reply my emails, continually phoned me (after already being scammed and told in no uncertain terms not to phone) threatened me with extortionate default rates if I didn’t pay by direct debit, hit me with a massive estimated bill (one months electricity over £300, now £50-£60 with a reputable supplier) which your company removed from my account after I had cancelled the direct debit, forcing me to report it as FRAUD to my bank, threatened to send ‘the boys in’ to disconnect my supply, sent me threatening emails if I didn’t pay up, had solicitors send me threatening letters and emails, tried to scam me again with more phone calls about our telephone line and are now still calling my shop in an attempt to con, scam and miss sell to me again.

      The fact that small businesses all the over UK have near identical complaints to mine should enlighten you. Please tell me ‘Jamie’ how you would feel if your daughter had to endure this treatment?

      However many jobs, Blackpool illuminations and bullshit charity donations (very small token donations for a multi-million pound company) BES makes in a poor area does not make up for the fact your company is scamming, conning and putting small businesses through absolute hell and out of business on a daily basis.

      No matter how naïve these ‘young people’ are or yourself ‘Jamie’ im sure with the shear amount of complaints you are receiving you must realise something is not right in this shameful company. Maybe you can explain why Andy Pilley the founder and owner of your company no longer has his picture up on the BES website? Why BES have no Twitter or Facebook pages (or had but had to delete them). Something to hide?

      Andy Pilliey, Michelle Davidson, David Ballantyne, Scott Walker, Ross Chapman, Joel Chapman, Marcus Cook, Phil Brown, Sarah Hepworth, Patrick Newell, Dale Dixon, Darren Martindale and anyone else in your management team as well as William Lister (BES’s Arse wipe of a Lawyer, who apparently works for free and not instructed by BES for kicks) and Lee Qualter/Goulding (‘Independent Broker Energy Search Owner’) know full well BES are committing a multi-million pound fraud and are all in serious trouble.

      BES actively harass, prey on, miss sell, threaten, and defraud small businesses daily

      Maybe, now you will understand ‘Jamie’ why you get some very frightened and fearful phone calls from customers. Unfortunately for you and fortunately for small businesses country wide, yourself and your colleagues will soon be out of jobs!

      Tick tock tick tock

    4. Hi Jamie

      As others have subsequently posted I share the view that foul and abusive language is not called for, although I can fully understand how some people feel driven to that extreme due to the way they have been sold contracts etc by allegedly independent brokers selling products for BES. However, without wishing to cast doubt on your post we only have your word that such abusive language is being used towards the staff at BES. If only there was some way to prove it. I know…why don’t BES record ALL of their telephone calls and insist that their ‘independent brokers’ also record ALL of their calls (and not just the section they want to use) which is what most companies and brokers do as I understand.
      Just a suggestion for you to take back to the management at BES. Perhaps you would be kind enough to post their response on this thread.

    5. Just because they are from a poor area it does not justify them allowing themselves to be trained to defraud small businesses.

  19. Hi,

    We have had a nightmare dealing with BES and I have argued with them over the way they sold us the contract and the terms of the contract.

    I would like to discuss this further to see if we can terminate our contract with them.
    Matt Westwood
    07802 161986

  20. I am an office manager at an accountants office. We occupy two out of three units, we used to occupy all three. BES is the electricity supplier in the unit that we no longer occupy and there is a new business in there. We have sent the tenancy agreement in to prove we are no longer responsible for the electricity bill but they will not accept it. The lady who now rents the unit will not take their calls and so therefore they keep taking the payments from our account even though we have cancelled the direct debits. I don’t know what to do any longer as they call the office 10+ times a day and I am massively falling behind on my work load. Any help much appreciated.

  21. I was sent a bill of £670 for 45 days of which 8 days I was closed, when I call them to pay they said my outstanding bill was £ 1360 for the gas which usually cost £ 400. A lady called Laura Brittain talk to the management saying that if I agreed to pay a thousand pounds she will closed the account and agreed also for another thousand to settle my overprice electricity to be paid in one month. I asked for the agreement to be put in writing, she said she can only do it after I paid the first thousand , I agreed as I have to concentrate to run my business rather then answering their multitude of calls per day. Now she email me demanding extra 360 which she wrote off before she can close the account and no mention of the electricity bills, I don’t know what to do with these people, when you talk to them they are of the superior attitude and making you feel guilty and threatening to take you to court nod when they offer settlement they go back on their words. I just want to run my business and they take to much of my time, in the end I may have to pay them just to keep them away from me. Would it help if I go to the solicitor, I complaint to the ombudsman but I didn’t even get a reply.



  22. Stear clear of bes I called on the 25th nov 15 to say I was closing my cafe and could I give them a final meter reading a week later I got a bill for 189.00 but in the mean time I canceled my direct debit with them . I emailed them to say I would pay the outstanding bill by debit card they said if I didn’t reinstate my direct debit with them they would put me on the higher rate even tho the shop is closed and no electric is being used they have just sent me an email to say I no owe them £1200.00 for January how can this be pls pls help me

    1. Have alook at the OFGEM website about BES. They have been found guilty of mis-selling and told to allow companies they mis-sold to out of the contract. Quote the relevant sections from the OFGEM findings and this may help. Good luck
      This is what it says on the OFGEM website – “BES also agreed to contact all those customers who have contacted them previously in relation to any matters relevant to Breaches 1 to 3 to explain its failings and to offer those customers the opportunity to terminate their contract, should they wish to, without a termination fee being imposed.”

  23. BES signed my business into an electricity contract 2 years ago. They do not have any recordings of myself the sole director agreeing to anything. They give me incorrect bills every month despite supplying readings & the estimates are always so highly may as well be running a power station myself. I have sent them a complaint letter detailing 14 points as to why i believe my business was mis sold to & they called my secretary quoting this earlier today. I believe this is a breach of privacy laws apart from anything & they are getting it when I get into the office tomorrow!

  24. I have been called by the energy search quoting the cheapest supplier being BES (which clearly now isnt) however I believed them and went for their 5 year contract, I later then found out that its a scam company. They have already transfered themselves to the national database as my supplier so I can not make a contract with any other supplier as BES being my current supplier they decline the offer from other companies. This all happened 2-3 days ago and they are saying I am legally in a contract with them for 5 years, I dont want a contract with them what should I do!? Help me please guys

      1. I have a similar situation as vela, got a phone call after I requested a call back from e-on, turned out to be a broker lying about the best deal I could get, 2 days later stuck in a contract with BES, who the [email protected]#k are they!!! any ideas?

  25. I also signed up to this awful company. They changed their unit price continually, they do ridiculous estimated meter readings in the summer, even though i have a smart meter, just as you will start to use less energy so they have the money in the back against your account. Worse mistake i made going with these cowboys. AVOID!!!

  26. I have as of yesterday sent letters to BES and Energy Search with Ltd regard to false representation by Energy Search Ltd (agent) on behalf of BES (Principle) (THE PRINCIPLE IS BOUND BY THE AGENTS ACTIONS) stating that their contracts, due to false representation, are in effect null and void. If they try and block my transfer to another supplier and if they do not compensate me for my business’s losses then I will be forced to take legal court proceedings against them

    If anybody else feels they have been given false quotations during the quotation phase of the call (the unrecorded bit) prior to making a contract with them, and you feel you would like to give witness statements of this for me to possibly use in addition to my own statement, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Many thanks


  27. Food for Thought for the day:

    When a ship is sinking and all hell is breaking out around them, you would imagine that the rats and vermin onboard the ship would jump clear before the ship sinks!

    I run a guesthouse, sometime people spill and make stains on my duvet covers. No matter how hard I try to remove them, I just can’t get the stains out. What happens to these duvet covers I hear you all ask? Well, basically they go in the bin and are disposed of as to their ruined nature and are of no use to me anyone.

    And onto other business:

    On another note, I would like to wish all staff at Energy Search/BES very best wishes in all their future endeavours!

  28. I think I’m going to start a new business there seems to be a niche market for BES and Energy Search T-shirts mugs etc.

    How about:

    ‘F*%K BES’
    or even
    ‘Energy Search My Arse!’ – What do you think guys?

  29. I think we’re going to get a mug and teeshirt printed with Pilley outside ‘his’ private jet. I’m reliably told that bent/dodgy lawyer Bill Lister (of Field Fisher) has embarrassingly been photographed inside the private jet – so much for the claim he is independent and ‘only’ works on instructions. Lee Qualter is also in the pictures, as is Ross Chapman and Phillip Brown!

  30. Absolutely disgusting company to deal with. BES are without doubt the worst company I’ve dealt with in all my years in business. They simply be shut down. They are no more than barrow boys. I feel sorry for anyone in a contract with them. Have caused me and my business nothing but grief!!!!!

  31. to all you guys.
    ofgem have ordered BES to contact previous customers of there breaches and pay back compensation to them.
    i received a letter from BES today ofgem have ordered BES to pay back £4916.88 to us.
    i will contact Ofgem on monday to see if we are able to claim back the solicitor fees we had to pay whilst dealing with BES.

  32. I recieved an email from bes asking if i was satisfied with their services..(i think they have been forced to do this by the judgement they had against them)
    I replied with a “no” and asked for my supply to be changed to british gas… Guess what..They did, took about two weeks…gas and electric supplies which i was tied in for 5 years……
    happy days..

  33. Iv just got from bes myself. Took 6 months tho but done it. So happy. These people are pure scum bags and I would love to expose them all over Facebook but I can’t at the moment as how I got out of contract is class. 2 can play their games. So easy tho. Once British gas takes over the metre in next few days I’ll tell u all what I done to get out of my contract. ( F#@K YOU BES AND YOUR SOLICITOR!!!

  34. Iv just got from bes myself. Took 6 months tho but done it. So happy. These people are pure scum bags and I would love to expose them all over Facebook but I can’t at the moment as how I got out of contract is class. 2 can play their games. So easy tho. Once British gas takes over the metre in next few days I’ll tell u all what I done to get out of my contract. ( F#@K YOU BES AND YOUR SOLICITOR!!!

  35. Iv just got from bes myself. Took 6 months tho but done it. So happy. These people are pure scum bags and I would love to expose them all over Facebook but I can’t at the moment as how I got out of contract is class. 2 can play their games. So easy tho. Once British gas takes over the metre in next few days I’ll tell u all what I done to get out of my contract. ( F#@K YOU BES AND YOUR SOLICITOR!!!

  36. All offices raised today by trading standards n police.
    Check out blackpool gazette.

    How the mighty fall.
    Best news ever!

  37. It took us 7 years of blood, sweat and tears to get out of our scammed contract with BES. Best news we have had in years to hear these crooks have finally been rumbled.

  38. Absolute pack of thieves!! Very nearly ruined my business. I only managed to stay afloat by moving premises. I reckon they cost me in excess of £2500 not including loss of business in the two weeks that they’d cut me off. Glad to see today that they’ve been raided by police and Trading Standards.

  39. BES is not worth to sign a contract with. My first encounter with BES is very bad. The other day I switched from Opus to BES and got two weeks after appointment for the installation of smart meter due to which I decided to choose BES. After two weeks period the BES engineer did not show up on the appointment day. What a bad first encounter! What next? I was told to wait two more weeks. No holidays plan and no miss out. If I do then I am the one to be blamed. Well done BES!!!!! Bullshit energy supplier…

  40. Hi everyone,

    I’ve had the same problems everyone else has! I signed up and 3 weeks later got a bill for £271! Another 3 weeks later it came to £664! I have now had a man come from BES as an agent to my business and demand payment off me! I have said no! I have asked on numerous occasions for accurate readings and they have told me they are. I have given many readings they have no record of, stupidly I didn’t write the times and dates I spoke to them either. My business is at the verge of closing down because of this! I can’t pay it, I’m a small cafe and I’ve just opened! I’m at my wits end. I know you can come out of contract if you leave the business has anyone attempted this?

    Thank you

  41. I moved to the premises, where the electricity was disconnected, because previous tenant didn’t pay. I was over a week without electricity and I have to pay standard charges for this period. They said that I’m responsible to pay for the electricity from the day I moved in. I have to pay for something that even wasn’t there.

  42. We signed with BES in January 2016 as they seemed to offer a good deal. They took all our details and bank details and phoned for meter readings for about three months and the bills seemed quite reasonable. A couple of months later we got an electricity bill for over £2000. We got in touch and the guy in the phone said it was an estimated bill and we actually owed £600 which we thought was still a bit steep but we are a small bar in a seaside town so thought this was possible as holiday time had started.
    We then had someone call to put a smart meter in. Then G4S called twice in one month to read the meter!?
    Last week we were sent a bill for £2,700 and this week £2,100 pound was taken from our account.
    We have contacted them and was told that they were unable to take £600 pound in May(Bullshit)and they haven’t been able to process accounts for a few months because they were setting up a new system. But we were not informed of this.
    They then said at the end of this month (Oct 2016) we will owe them another £1,100.
    We are at our wits end and it has made both me and my husband really ill. Please any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

  43. I have today found a notice to disconnect from BES saying I owe them £432.22 with all usual threats, but do not have an account with them. The name on the notice was not mine but the post code was.
    I called “Gary” on 07860788963 and told him “not me” and if he came anywhere near again I would cll the Police!

    Is this a new scam?


  44. Hello Olly,

    I have the same problem as everyone else. Been put on contract with BES as a new owner of the business and my bills are far far too much. Every month I’m charged 500 mark where in other companies estimated bills would be less then 200!
    Is there any way of getting out of this contract apart of changing tenancy?
    If anyone got any help please email me on [email protected]

  45. Hi I was misled into verbally agreeing a contract yesterday they took all my details even after I told them I didn’t think I could change supplier as I had entered into a contract with another company. The broker said ” no don’t worry the contract with SSE hasn’t gone through and you are on emergency tarriff ” however luckily SSE had set up the contract and said they would put a block on BES trying to take over as a new supplier. So my question is … Do I have a contract with them if they are blocked from becoming my new supplier ? Can they charge me a termination fee if in effect they are not providing any service?Please reply I’m an artist just about to open a gallery and terrified I’ve tied myself into something that will be costly to leave. Had no sleep last night worrying about it.

    1. Hi Claire, I would contact the energy ombudsman to seek professional help regarding this matter. The phone numbers should be easily available on the Web.

      Best of luck

  46. My wife unknowingly signed up to a contract with BES Utilities in August 2014. They tied her into a 5 year contract until mid 2019. We have been unhappy with the service so far, not only with very high charges on our monthly bills, but also that the smart meter has failed 11 times since the start of the contract and we have had to take meter readings from them. Sometimes because we’ve missed their emails, we have missed the deadline for a meter reading so get an estimated bill instead. We have complained before and had no response from them and also recently complained again to get a resolution. We asked for a engineer to be sent out to the shop and look at the meter and to resolve the issue with it failing. However we was told quite firmly they wouldn’t send out an engineer unless we payed for it! Furthermore they claimed as well that they had sent an engineer out to the premises while we was not onsite to take a meter reading, however due to the nature of the building it would be physically impossible to gain access without keys.

    My wife is at the end of her tether with them, we have decided to close the business and have cancelled our direct debit with BES, they are a joke of a company and very unprofessional with their customers.

    I would welcome any comments from others in a similar situation with them.

  47. Hello,
    I verbally agreed to BES , I then found out my Landlord supplies elec & invoices me so I don’t have authorisation , I told them after 3 days but I had agreed I had the authorisation , now it appears it’s not to my unit , it is for several others on same plot , I should have paid more attention but naively assumed they had all correct details hence the phone call to me & having my number which can only have been provided by the council .
    They haven’t taken over elec supply yet so any advice ? I’ve been toldill have to pay a-termination fee of 6 months estimated cost of elec plus admin .
    I’m a potter & from reading the people they target, micro businesses that don’t have money n setting up
    I’ve had massive anxiety & shaking & cant believe it’s been so tainted

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