BES Energy/Utilities SCAM – Central Network Meter Registrations & The Meter Registration Service

It was time for us to move offices here at Dijitul, we had planned to move to the new one they’ve been building next to the bus station as it was new, initiative and awesome – then MDC decided to call it a silly name and were being extremely sketchy about the details – so we looked elsewhere.

We found an awesome office just on the outskirts of the town centre, and the second we walked in we had made our minds up 🙂

After moving all our stuff, and porting the phone line -we started working from here at 8am on the 16th of September. The SECOND we started working we were inundated with phone calls from companies claiming to be in charge or sorting our energy bills out – and despite me having a knack for spotting sales calls – these guys were convincing!

His name was Tony Becker and he called from Juicy Savings Ltd and was claiming to be my appointed energy broker calling to get me on a new tariff for our electricity. (NB i’ve only recently learned the name of Tonys employer – if I had heard him correctly on the phone this whole situation may have been resolved!)

He read me some details that you’d assume only someone legit could get, and then asked me to confirm a few more – he then proceeded to list the top 3 companies that could supply me with energy and the prices associated with them.

The top company was one called BES Utilities/Energy, and he read me the prices – all seemed fair enough. I agreed to go with them, he read some stuff out at 100 miles an hour and that was that.

My suspicions started being triggered when THE NEXT SECOND we had another call, same spiel, different company name… Then a few mins later…. And for the last two weeks time and time again – call after call, under various convincing company names, all saying the saaaaaaaaaaaaaame stuff.

Something smelled fishy, and it wasn’t a gas leak.

After some digging, and after reading up on the MSE website i realised that i had been done by a salesman and was potentially tied into a contract with a company that could scam me out of money for the duration of my contract term.


So if you move into a new commercial property, and someone calls you from;

  • Central Network Meter Registrations
  • The Meter Registration Service
  • BES Energy
  • Juicy Savings Ltd

Tell them to FOXTROT OSCAR (f off) and do the following;

Call MPAS (Meter Point Administration Service) on;

Region & Distributor Telephone number
Eastern England EDF Energy 0845 601 5467
East and West Midlands Central Networks 0845 603 0618
London EDF Energy 0845 600 0102
North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire Sp Power Systems and North Shropshire 0845 270 9101
North East England and CE Electric UK 0845 601 3268
North West United Utilities 0870 751 0093
North Scotland SSE Power Distribution 0345 026 2554
South Scotland SP Power Systems 0845 270 9101
South East England (Kent & EDF Energy parts of Sussex and Surrey) 0845 601 5467
Southern England SSE Power Distribution 0345 026 2554
South Wales Western Power Distribution 0845 601 5972
South West England Western Power Distribution 0845 601 5972

Ask them who supplies your current electricity, and thats where you start! Not with a broker, or with some made up company trying to be the owner of all the worlds energy meters.

Contact your current supplier (in our case it was eON) and they will put your name on the account and quote you for your energy, you then can shop around at your own leisure if you wish.

If you are unsure and need indipendant advice, contact the UIA:

Hopefully in our case we can stop this before it gets too far – and hopefully this post will save others from the same headache!

One thing’s for sure, you realllllly shouldn’t try and scam web developers or SEO’ers – cos we can make your online life hell if we really wanted to 😉

BES Utilities Complaints

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  1. We are energy consultants and we hate unethical or companies out there to scam the public. It’s so disgusting what they do to businesses and they also ruin the name of energy brokerage.This BES scam is so common in the market that we hear day in day out. We strongly suggest that anyone has been scammed by this BES should stand up and make complaints to the OFGEM. We have many clients come across this BES and get into those long term or high rates contracts which they shouldn’t be paying. We always recommend not to agree any contract through the phone unless they can email or post you something in writing first before doing any verbal agreements. We can try to help should you need any information regarding your energy but we won’t sell you any form of contract unless the client is looking for one.

    [email protected]

    Kind Regards

    Jas Sodhi

    1. Hi there, I am tied into a 3 year contract with bes and am having a complete nightmare. I fell fro the hard sell routine when I changed my business address and had so much to do in the process that I agreed to their contract just so that I had less to do.
      My first bill was estimated as I wasn’t aware I had to read my own meter. They took £159 and made me overdrawn, my actual bill should have been around £30! They did give me my money back but it took a week and I had literally no money,
      Now I have my second bill and my standing charge has gone from 27.7p a day to 75p a day!
      I have just emailed them to complain so will wait and see what they say, but I saw your helpful comments on this site and wondered if you could help me?
      They will probably tell me it is in the t&c’s that they can increase my daily rate but I would never have entered into the contract if I know that and I was told I was in a contract on the phone so didn’t see my t&c’s until later when I received the contract by post. Thanks for reading and all the best deb

      1. Hi there I recently took on a business in November of last year as soon as moved in I checked the Electric supplier was and it was Bes I then notified them of change of tenancy and to update there records but nothing was done after many calls they would normally fob me of I then on Feb the 11th 2 guys turn up and disconnect my electric supply after many emails they refused to do anything a very bad company to deal with I don’t no how on earth they are trading with many complaints
        Is there anyone who can help me Iam in very difficult situation these are contact details
        E. [email protected]
        M. 07405955825

          1. Olly, I just fell in their traps. is there ay ways to get out of it please?
            They sent out a bill from 31/1- 15/2/2017 cost £210 OMG just in 15 days

    2. Alas my business partner was taken in by energy search saying they were independent and now we are stuck with a five year contract at nearly double the rates

  2. Hi Guys,

    We have had BES issues big style!

    Basically, we completed on a property around 12pm on 4th June, and from
    9am on the 5th June, my phone rang non stop from a variety of
    landline numbers. The calls were in the region of one per hour.

    Where the hell did they get my details?! I bought a property in my
    personal name, and started to get calls harassing my Limited Company.

    All I can assume is they did a Director search, or found my company/place of employment on Facebook.

    Eventually, I picked up, and was told this person was from a company
    called Commercial Energy, and he was a Meter Registrar for my
    electricity. He told me he needed the registration of my meter, because
    I was paying emergency rates and he wanted me to sign a 5-year

    I explained I hadn’t even had the keys yet – and I would contact a
    suitable energy company when I had the time (and keys)! Not content
    with this the caller (an Alex Barlow) went into a high pressure sell,
    and I told him I wasn’t interested. He said he would call back.

    Bear in mind here, my company is on the telephone preference service,
    as I am personally. There is a legal argument that, which of course the
    legal adviser at BES tried; the TPS is canceled out by virtue of a
    ‘relationship’ – but I had nothing to do with the company, it was an
    unsolicited sales call and I expressly told them I wasn’t interested;
    and due to the high pressure sell NEVER to call me again!

    A few days later he called again, fed up I told him to email me prices,
    and that he was under no circumstances to telephone me again. On
    receipt of the email I also replied (copying in 2 sets of Lawyers) and
    reiterated my request… Guess what, two days later the phone rang
    AGAIN, it was him!

    Curiously, the email from the sales person was signed BES Utilities – not the Commercial Energy the guy told me he was from!

    Luckily, I had a great guy at EON who took care of the actual energy side.

    This post may seem an overreaction – but I urge you once you’ve read
    this email to do a Google search of BES Utilities and see what comes
    up. The sales person was rude, aggressive, high-pressured – and in fact
    lied several times.

    I made a complaint to their ‘Customer Services’ team… I asked they
    looked into my points, and also to either investigate and issue
    compensation for my inconvenience – or issue me a letter of deadlock so
    that I could ask the Ombudsman to investigate and make a decision.

    They were prepared to do neither. Which is suspicious. Their claim was
    that they didn’t have any evidence that the calls were continuous –
    but did have a recording of the calls from the mysterious Alex Barlow
    that they concluded were not a high pressure sell; this is despite me
    asking him verbally never to call me again!! In other words the
    evidence when they were in the wrong they didn’t have – and the
    evidence when they thought they could intimidate themselves into being
    in the ‘right’ they suddenly did have.

    It is also worth noting that BES only part-record the calls during
    their contracts, and stop the recording when stopping reading the terms
    out… “Surely this is illegal, misleading and tampering with
    evidence” I asked a top Lawyer – to which the reply was “well we don’t
    know what a Judge would conclude, because BES always settle their
    cases before they to court, and issue confidentiality clauses”
    suspicious, huh?

    Amusingly, I had even listed the numbers, times and dates to the legal
    team in my complaint – who replied and told me they had “no
    relevance”…and in the same paragraph asked me for
    times/dates/numbers of these calls. So we’re definitely dealing with
    bullies here, but people who are by no means the sharpest pencils in
    the box.

    BES Utilities have come under numerous investigations by the BBC,
    Ofgem, UIA, Daily Mail and Ombudsman – and every time claim they are
    the victims, and aggressively peruse the aforementioned claiming
    harassment, personal grievance etc. They even asked Ofcomm to delete
    recorded evidence by an insider of their dodgy deals. By the number of
    articles out there they have beyond reasonable doubt crippled shops,
    hotels, restaurants and small business by their aggressive sales
    nature, and over-priced energy. I have been reminded by their legal
    team that of course, these have no legal grounds – however we are all
    intelligent enough to draw our own conclusions to around 10 websites
    and around 250 bad reviews – plus all the media coverage…and
    their preference to always settle out of court.

    Once happily in our new contract with EON, we received a call from a disconnection agent.

    I didn’t really know what one was – but I later have found out they are
    responsible for any bailiff action to forcefully cut the supply off!

    Quote how they planned on doing that with a firm contract with EON I don’t know.

    Anyway, before composing my complaint to BES, I called the mobile number
    of this ‘Mr Lawson’. He got EXTREMELY cagey (sounded like he was
    sh!tting it), wouldn’t give anything apart from his name and mobile, and
    said to contact BES for more information.

    Guess what? The legal advisers at BES told me that they couldn’t comment and that I would have to ask Mr Lawson directly.

    I told BES I would be making people aware of what they are like – and
    they have advised me that this could bring a deformation case against
    me, which is amusing as they would have no case; everything I have said
    here is entirely factual – and has been by no means exaggerated.

    The companies to watch out for and whom may address themselves as;
    Commercial Energy, Commercial Power, BES Utilities, BES Electricity, BES
    Gas, Meter Registrations – and numerous others.

    What annoys me most is that when you’re moving/buying in business it is a
    MASSIVE upset of everything, and these guys play on that. I read
    several of the other threads on this forum, which luckily I had a close
    escape; but I am saddened and really upset to read of the various people
    who have had their businesses ruined by this company.

    Anyone reading this who’ve just had the phone calls start – please log
    them all, times dates etc. Send them to the TPS, Trading Standards,
    Ombudsman – and stop this company crippling any more businesses!

    1. Hi just read your article Bes have closed my Buisness I was paying 300 by dd for electricity in my cafe 14 months later they sent me a bill for £11,000 saying it was underestimated the big con is when they were fined before they put 600,000 to one side to Buisness debtline .bes said if I filled a income and expenditure form in with debtline and paid 3 future months payments of £930 a month would squash my bill I made the 3 payments they then said I did not fill the correct form in with debtline even tho I’ve got a reply saying filled in successfully don’t need to do anything wait for there response I am now not getting help another scam and have had to close Buisness as threatening to cut power off let people know about this Buisness debtline farce think Bes are responsible for the funding

  3. Iv judt been tied in with these people and just got my first bill ??? Totally ridiculous price for a small coffee shop.plz any advice possible yo help me get out x

    1. Hi Claire,

      What letter is in brackets next to the meter reading? Does it say (e) or (E) as if so its an estimated reading.

      You may have to submit manual monthly meter readings to ensure you are being billed correctly.

      They are bastards though!

  4. There is a major Ofgem investigation into BES.

    They are investigating Section 7, 7A, 7B, 14 and 21b of the License Conditions. Take a look at the Supply License Conditions if you wonder what they cover.

    Section 7B regards being honest, transparent and not misleading or omitting information reasonably requested by the customer.

    Section 21b regards incorrectly billing etc.

    Ofgem have publicly said they have received a “high number of complaints”….

  5. Just had a call from 01253 500900 claiming to be from “Utility Services” which I said I’d never heard of. The caller claimed they were the official “meter registration service” and that my meter was showing up as unregistered. I asked him for the meter number but he couldn’t tell me it.

    After 5 minutes of trying to convince me he was legit (‘Have you moved recently?’ “Have the company details changed?’) he eventually hung up.

    Very, very dodgy sales tactics and if there is a major Ofgem investigation into BES then I do hope they remove their licence – they are certainly not “honest, transparent and not misleading”.

    Just hoping they don’t try and hijack my supply now on the sketchy information they have for my company…

  6. Weirdly enough, an hour later and I get a call from ‘Lisa at Select Energy’. She claimed that my meter was showing up as unregistered. ‘Have you moved recently?’ “Have the company details changed?’…in short the same script.

    I asked if they were anything to do with Utility Services or BES Energy and she said no. I pushed her on this point but she was adamant they were not connected/related.

    When I told here she’d just used exactly the same phrases she said she’d go and investigate and call me back… (not holding my breath)

  7. Hi my daughter has been scammed by this company. she has just taken over a hairdressers. Her boyfriend took the call and without her authority signed up..he gave them the business bank details. The account is in the name of Mr c xxxx shop name and address. She is miss s yyyyy. The lease is in her name/bank account/card machine/shop phone etc. they said send a copy lease an we will cancel the contract … They now denied that and have no record!!can she just cancell the direct debit and let them chase Mr c xxx or is she still legally liable… Or if I take over the shop lease would that help or if we become a partnership would that get us out of this unaired contract

  8. Long story short, I was hassled by this company having just taken over and being real busy, unfortunately I agreed to a contract verbally, I then changed my mind feeling I was bullied into this and contacted customer services BES. They have told me there is no 14 day consumer contracts regulations, surely this is not true

  9. Guys,

    In the original blog post there are helpful numbers and websites – we can advise you about BES utilities all day long but there is no better help than from someone who lives and breathes this stuff all day long.

    I found that the chap at the UIA was very helpful.

    1. This is exactly what is happening to me..softer be v told eld triceps be 40 a myth. Ridiculas amounts taken from my bank. Bombarded with phone calls and texts late charges etc etc this has been going on nearly a year.fpr them tell me my smart meter is broke?? Costa text trading standards I am so distressed I nearly closed my tiny salon due to.the stress

      1. I’m genuinely disgusted how this company makes hard working business owners feel, we’ve sent you some tips over by email about dealing with these guys which we hope is useful.

        Harassment is one of the things this company specialise in. Like Olly, I was able to trace an IP that abused my data and filled in a bunch of forms signing me up to spam straight back to the BES Utilities HQ….. Although their smartass lawyer still hasn’t given a legitimate reason as to why the IP leads straight to his client’s offices – funny that!

  10. Also – word on the street is the BES are lawyering up and going after anyone that has a bad word to say about them online. Shame on you Harrison Drury… Fancy getting Sean Gibbs – one of your Directors – to write letters to people who have written truths on publically accessible and open websites about one of the worst energy providers in the UK – BES Utilities. Ever heard of freedom of speech? Also its only Defamation if its untrue & your tactics only further confirm your guilt. PS 6th on UK google for "BES Utilities" and bottom of page 2 for "BES Energy" – and i haven't even started trying yet. Told you not to mess with web peeps 😉

    1. Hi Olly,
      I just signed up with this lot, and just noticed they’ve taken £255 out of my account for one months usage, my general usage with Opus was about £50 a month, I have a smart meter too, but they seemed to have trouble finding the model and serial number when I initially gave it to them.

      1. I have just taken on a premises which they supplied and miss sold me the contract and last week the took £697 out my account for a months worth off electric and wot hassle i am having with them its a total disgrace how the treat people and the company should be closed down

  11. I opened a small business with my mum in a rural setting where I live this was in July 2014. my mum and I got lots of calls when we opened. the business was with Scottish Power I was happy with that. so I just said no thanks and hung up. I even asked them to stop calling several times.
    They got mum though one day and before we knew it we had our first months bill from BES for a converted single garage into a hair salon 1 back wash and 3 chairs £475 for the month !!!! just electric as we are so rural we have no gas in the village. we disputed this saying it was more than we pay in rent!!! also my mum has a five bed house and pays less a month!!!
    they refunded to our account £49 so we didn’t even see any cash back! each bill after that has been in the £300s even September when we closed for 2 weeks for our holidays! !! apparently we cant get out of this till 2019!! we only have a years lease!!
    we have been on to the onbudsman and wrote them a letter stating every bill needs revising and that we want the money back into our bank account.
    at this rate we will be closed before our first year is up as they are ruining us ive had to borrow money from my 19 yrold daughter to pay my house bills as im frightened to take out of the business account as god knows how much they will take this month!!!
    I need some help and advice what to do next.
    the villagers love that they have a salon now ive took on an apprentice too what can I do this was my dream since I was little its become a nightmare please someone help!!

    1. Hi Joanne,

      In my opinion the best place to start is to ensure they are using ACTUAL readings on your bill, and not ESTIMATED readings.

      Next to the values on the bill there will be an A or an E (usually)

      If its an E then they are estimating your usage and thats what resulted in us getting high bills too.

      It may mean that you have to submit weekly/monthly readings yourself manually via their website, but its better than £500 energy bills each month!

      You can also request they install a Smart Meter which SHOULD send actual readings to them each month so you dont have to.

      Dont panic, you are not alone and we are all here to help 🙂

    2. I’m rural and also have small. Salon and same problem
      Your bank will recall the money if you ask them.
      Contact trading standards I have.
      And demanded a new meter
      I am constantly harassed they even sent a bailiff!
      I was told by trading standards that they also have a contract to upkeep meters etc and until it is sorted.we are within our rights not to pay the bill! I do not trust them. I also got roped into telecom with them and every mths my bill is triple what I was.told it would be.
      I haven’t got time n energy to keep chasing and fighting them as you know it’s hard. Enough running a new buisness

      1. Hi Olly,
        I just signed up with this lot, and just noticed they’ve taken £255 out of my account for one months usage, my general usage with Opus was about £50 a month, I have a smart meter too, but they seemed to have trouble finding the model and serial number when I initially gave it to them.

        Jesus me too!

    3. Joanne

      Been there, done that. I stopped my direct debit. I wrote to BES and told them because they were clearly dishonest, I did not think it was unreasonable to deny them open access to my bank account. They then sent me bills with a revised “non D/D penalty tariff”. I simply re-calculated the bill at the standard rate and paid that by cheque. I wrote to BES every month telling them I don’t recognise the contract between us, as their agent lied to me and the T’s & C’s, which were not made known to me until AFTER the point of contract, meant they were unenforceable. They threatened me and I ignored them and repeated my letter to them every month. After 4 months, they obviously got fed up with me, because they announced if I paid my bill up to date, they would release the contract.
      Good luck and keep your head up, you WILL win

  12. hi thanks for getting back to me we submit photo readings every 6th of the month sometimes they get them sometimes the don’t !!! so they say.
    our invoice shows c readings with e readings and there’s also a d reading???
    the invoices also show that a 1/3 of our electric is used over night!! when everything is off!!!
    last night I took a meter reading before I left it was 01505 this morning it was 01506 so id used 1 unit!!!

    per month they say we use on average 700 units per month!!! over night this is wrong sooooo wrong.

    my mum is speaking with a mr smith from bes today its ridiculous.

    any suggestions? ??? im checking the day rate today against the units used were open 7.30pm on a Friday so its our longest day just wonder how many units we use!!??

  13. by the way they came to fit a smart meter and were so rural the signal is not strong enough. I just want out I cant keep my business with there bills ?

  14. I’m slightly confused…. As far as you are aware you were with Scottish Power, and you got a bill from BES all of a sudden?

    I think the logical thing to do would be to put the wind up BES and ask them how the hell you were entered into a contract with them, and ask for full details of who set the contract up etc.

    Perhaps if you can get this info to us I can start to expose some of the fatal flaws in the way BES operates 🙂

  15. Hi,
    I’ve just been caught out by these scam merchants. They have called me repeatedly over the past few days. Its seems now that they were gradually building up to asking for my details and who currently supplies my gas and electric. They kept saying we are just trying to register your meter and who supplies you but they don’t come up.
    I’m worried now because they know my name, address and suppliers. I have called my suppliers to say that I don’t want to swap if they contact you but one said if they are contacted they will start the switch over process without contacting me!!

    Anyone got any other advice please? I think I would just refuse to pay them if I ever got a bill.

    1. Hi Al,

      Contact some of the people in the original blog post for advice and explain to them your current situation.

      If you have no luck them report back and ill let you know a few other things/people that may help.

  16. Joanne
    Sounds to me as they got your mum and she has entered into the agreement with BES on your behalf , is the converted garage attached to your Home ?? You need to ask your mum what was said to her by the sales agent ie did they say that the meter needed registering , or that the meter wasnt compatible with current supplier or that they were the cheapest supplier if so call BES and ask for the contact details of the broker that sent the contract to them , if they say they dont have them demand that the customer services advisor emails compliance for the upfront recording , they will say that they don’t do that , but they can…they will prbably come back to you and try to smooth you over with a goodwill gesture of cutting your unit rate down or the term of your contract you don’t want this you want to be released from your contract due to being mis sold in the forst place … If no joy call Commercial Power 01253 591777 or Commercial Energy 01253 500900 and state that you want the full call recording you had with the sales agent

  17. Hi,

    I’ve been reading all your posts, so where do I start…….
    We have two businesses one with British Gas through Utility Wise where we had a three year contract which started April 2014, we received lot and I mean LOTS of cold calls very aggressive and extremely rude, one lady almost shout said to my mum that we didn’t have an energy supplier to which she replied too many time to count yes we do the lady said ” If I thought you had an energy supplier do you think I’d waist my time calling you” to which my mum replied ” if you think we don’t send me the information my post”
    This therefore meant we were tied into a contract after talking to Utility Wise several times and them telling use they have out a block on it and as we are tied into a three year contract with British Gas nothing would happen. Meanwhile we have a letter setting us up for both businesses. We phoned BES and said more than enough…. we DO NOT want to get our energy from you. Apparently this isn’t enough.
    So our electricity was £80-£90 a month we now have a bill for £290 and are being taken to court unless it’s paid. My mother having a busy and difficult time of things made a one off payment to stop the court threats before asking me to resolve this, instead of a one off payment they have set up a direct debt?!

    So I then phone them up to which I speak to an extremely rude lady who is unwilling to help and said it’s all legally binding and there is nothing I can do. I phone British Gas there reply is… The reason the energy supply was taken was we only has a years contract with them so there is nothing we can do, when I ask why did they let the supply go without our permission there reply was……. I don’t understand the question. I then phone Utility Wise and asked why they set us up on a one year contract with British Gas but told us it was three years to there response nope it was definitely three years. I have now found a letter from British Gas with the end of contract date being 2017!!!
    Nobody want to take responsibility for this meanwhile we are expected to go along with it? I have send BES a letter asking for a copy of the verbal phone contract and informed them and asked them to make a note that no bills will be pain unless they can provide me with all phone conversations.
    They targeted my mother and bullied her into a pickle, talk about miss selling!

    Any suggestions?

    1. is this even a genuine complaint?

      the grammar is very bad and the information stated in here seems to contradicts itself. additionally, Utilitywise have a fantastic reputation in the industry with a positive review score on multiple of sites

  18. Hi,

    First – so sorry to hear about the issues you and your Mum are having. BES are the worst.

    Secondly, My first port of call, would be to ensure you are being billed for ACTUAL usage, not ESTIMATED usage.

    Thats how they tried to screw us over too.

    On your bill next to the meter reading there should be an “A” not and “E” if its an “E” then they’ve basically “made up” the amount you’ve used and its always WWAAYYYYYYY higher than what you would have actually used.

    Our bank advised us to cancel our direct debits until we were happy we were running off actual readings. Ignore threats from BES about how much more your bills could be if your bank do advise you to cancel your D/D, and just try and get to a position where your bills are being calculated properly. At least you are in control then.

    Its a mess about and you shouldnt have to do it, but it at least keeps on top of it for now.

    I would then reach out to them and ask them, once you have settled payments for ACTUAL usage, if you can just draw a line in the sand and move away from them as a supplier. If they kick up a stink, report back and we’ll try some other stuff.

    Best of luck and please let us know how you get on!


    1. Hi Olly

      I have been sucked into a contract with bes electric. Had problems from the start with bills estimated way over normal usage, even when reading is being submitted . Last month they took £220 from my account and where going to take a further £400 this moth. I have cancelled this direct debit. so at the moment they owe me the £220. I was thinking that i will use up the units to the value they owe me and then show them the finger. But will i be able to change supplier or can they block the meter or stop transfer?

      1. Hi Chris,

        Have you used the Contact Form?

        If you could fill it in, then the relevant parties can offer you some advise 🙂

  19. BES and Commercial Power put all their calls via Nextbridge who hide them behind lots and lots of local numbers.  You can complain to them Nd maybe enough complaints will stop them but don’t hold your breath as BES / Commercial Power are one of their biggest customers.

  20. Be aware of this company called BES comercial electricity supplier
    With EDF I used to pay £200 per month on electricity used. When I switch with
    BES first monthly bill come £850 shocking
    Since may 2012 until I closed down my business in March 2015 I have paid around £12000 more then I should I’m taking legal action agains this company BES 100% they owe me £10000 once again don’t make mistake joining BES

  21. I signed up with BES for my supplier over 2 years ago now and have not recived any crazy bills. When i went though the recording with them i made sure that they read everthing slowly to myself as they did rush it initially so i made them start over .I dont know how they have taken so much money from you guys !! We have 3 metres at my propery 2 electric and one gas all with BES and everything is fine at the moment ?

  22. I had a conman from bes who said he was agent for Scottish power. Because i am deaf i thought he was but he was a tit from BES. I found out after getting bills for extremely high amounts and told them no. That was my final word and since then have had it disconnected. I use a generator now. BES are under investigation which i expect to fall foul as the owner of BES has ties with 10 downing street. Read public reports. Cameron while BES owner is under investigation entertained him at Number 10. Fact.
    So just do nothing and get along the best you can until they slip up. They always do!

  23. Hi guys,

    I work as an energy consultant helping numerous business owners like yourselves get away from BES, if any of you would like some help drop me a comment and we can have a conversation to see what can be done.

      1. OMG please help me I have been scammed the same way and if I cannot get out of this contract I will loose my job!!

        They are dreadful

    1. Hi looking to get away from bes,having massive bills and as a new business it is crippling.would it be possible for me to call you or for you to call me to discuss any options?

    2. We have been steamrollered into a five year electric contract with bes energy . Their monthly bills are extortionate . Is there any way we can get out of this “contract “?

  24. Hello all, it comes as a huge relief to find some help but also a huge shock at how serious this BES utilities firm operate.

    I have been with them a year and after the 12 months they have just invoiced me £4389.71 for 1 month of electric. They claim they have been estimating my bills all this time and now this is correct as I gave them a meter reading.

    It goes on, I’ve since investigated the price comparisons they gave me to which they are not cheaper than my old supplier, Npower… much of a donkey do I feel. Why oh why did I take that cold call????

    I’ve just filled in “Olly’s” complaints procedure, I’ve cancelled my direct debit and a, battling everyday to reach an agreement with BES.

    Shall I take it to ofgem straight away, is there any point, will they help at all? Also should I ready my solicitor for a battle as I hear they’re quite a pushy company etc.

    I have so much more to tell you than just the mid-sold contract but for now I will hope you can help me with what I’ve just told you. Many thanks all, it’s sad that there’s such a blog group but I’m already happy to have you I can talk to for help and support.

    Many thanks in advance. Nick

    1. If you’ve the spare cash I’d take the legal route straight away. Ofgem have achieved little and are of no use for individual cases. BES Utilities continue to carry on with exactly what Ofgem found them guilt of.

      We all know the contracts are in breach of English law, if it got to court then they’d lose again. BES Utilities will do what ever they can to stall proceedings though. It should be noted and I’m sure you’re in agreement, you can’t with hold any money due for the supply they have provided, as long as it is calculated correctly.

      I’m sure that many have also experienced what you have but please share in case there are any parts which may help others. Techniques change all the time.

  25. hi. i’ve been having problems with BES. i’m constantly getting over estimated readings. they keep telling me someone will look into it….that was months ago! also my night time bills are around 1/5 of my daytime. bare in mind my business is sunbeds which will burn electric like there’s no tomorrow. at night we are talking an alarm and a small fridge! the trouble is, if i mention this to BES will the daytime usage become higher? ………only another 4yrs on my contract lol

  26. After starting a new business just days ago i was fortunate enough to smell a rat with these people, we have a supply now with a decent supplier but these BES keep phoning us to the point of harassment does anyone know how we can stop the constant calls please

  27. Joined BES in 2015 via and aggressive Asian salesman, bill with previous supplier moved from £70-80 a month to £187. Second month it was £298 and then third month they tried to take £608 which my bank rejected. Then I refused to pay anymore until it was resolved. How could I go from between £70-80 from my previous supplier to that in three months. BES customer service was very unhelpful and this went on for 9 months and then they said I now have to pay £12,000.00 this is ridiculous as I will have to close up business to pay this amount.

  28. I hold the lease to a propery & a new tennant took over the shop in March 2015. He took a contract with E-on. 3 months in the shop received a letter from BES confirming the contract with them & a letter from E-on confirming a final letter. The letter was addressed to the previous tennant (a woman) my tennant rang but as he speaks very little english he didn’t understand what was going on. 12 months later I have only just been made aware of what has happened. My tennant has been harrassed via phone & intimidated. E-on agreed to take the account back in December of 2015 but BES wouldn’t give it back. I rang BES customer services & would only give my limited information as I wasn’t named on the account but they did confirm they spoke with a ‘woman’ to set up the contract. When I said that the woman, at that time had nothing to do with the shop, was living in another continent at the time, they said someone at the addresed had comitted fraud. I said that I thought that ‘they’ had comitted fraud! Anyway my tennant has finally got the account back with E-on but BES are now chasing him for a big debt on the account. I’m going to write in showing the tennancy agreement confirms that my tennant had the shop prior to the agreement. Any tips before I send in the letter? Thanks

  29. Locked in a five year contract with BES don’t think I am using the £110 a month they are charging how can I get out of this contract.

  30. 2 years into a 5 year BES contract for electricity and gas. I won’t bore you with the details as its the same as every else. But the call recordings sound like their held together with sticking plaster !

    Can I ask the following please as I dont intend to give in to my BES friends but dont want to reinvent the wheel:-

    1/ Can anyone give any advice on best tactics to get out of contract generally- maybe privately?

    I spoke to one of the reputable energy advice companies the other day and they said that they were seeing more people leaving BES. Not sure how…

    2/ With the Ofgem ruling at the end of 2015 there was an obligation for BES to contact customers that had previously complained about being missold I believe. However BES have told me that there were only 2 grounds that they had an obligation to contact customers on and I didnt qualify for either.. ( I read about 6 breaches not 2 but heho)

    I obviously disagree…..does any one know what the Ofgem ruling meant in practice? i.e. have they contacted people or just buried it.

    3/ Is the form on the 0lly site still in use and worth using?

    4/ Anyone fancy doing a pitch invasion at Fleetwood Town…..I feel like I own part of the club now after paying all those BES bills!

    Thanks in anticipation


  31. Just had 3 calls from a company called Energy Search UK or Power energy they seem to change their names with each call. I told them we have energy contracts in place, but it does not stop their calls. Bloody annoying

  32. Hi Injust been Scamed and entered in burble contract with BES Utilities sold by an agent. What an idiot!
    If I call then and cancel it within 2 day surely I will have the Right do so. Is that right? I can cancel he DD with my bank and get other more reliable supplier.

    Any idieas??
    Help please?
    [email protected]

  33. Oh I didn’t say
    I haven’t signed any paper yet! Hope theres is a hope. I have jus agreed over the telephone with the caller but nothing else.
    Hope this isn’t binding into a contact! Surely I have to sign the contract and DD.
    Any thoughts?

    [email protected]

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